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Using Flexible Logos with Responsive Design

The mediums for advertising have always varied, and the increased production of new technologies continually shifts how an audience interacts with these channels. Naturally, the scope of design adapts to the audience with new solutions. One example would be the implementation of responsive design with the increased use of mobile devices. Images can no longer be simply…

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Web Design Trends in 2015

The future is now, my friends! As one year ends and another begins it’s beneficial, and honestly kind of fun, to reflect on the web design trends of the past year and predict the trends to come. Identifying current trends and predicting new ones is an important exercise at this time of year, for a…

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Think Systematically, Not Pixel Perfect.

The web is a living thing. With HTML5, CSS3 and SASS – it’s practically breathing. Like most designers, I strive for perfection in my work. Often this takes the form of aiming for a pixel-perfect website, a collaboration between developer and designer that yields a flawless render of a Photoshop mockup. The idea being that…

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What is UX Design

Where in the physical world do we digest the enormous amount of information like that we find on the Internet? Nowhere – that’s why the Web is such a unique world to experience and why the process of UX is so incredibly vital in creating a successful website. “It’s so easy to forget that the…

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How Well Do You Know Your Holiday Movies?

We’re all familiar with one of the best holiday pastimes out there: settling inside during those cold wintery nights watching classic Christmas movies. Like that one with the leg lamp, or the one where those two singers visit a dried up ski lodge owned by the former Army General . . . What was the…

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design week portland art

Design Week Portland Pop Up Gallery Show: A to B

  Every year the city of Portland’s makers and doers gather to celebrate our craft. There are artist and designer lectures, workshops, daily activities, contests and about 1,000 free notebooks and posters. This year was special for me, because rather than simply attending events, I contributed to the madness. For DWP 2014, I had the…

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Design Week Portland

We went to Design Week Portland (DWP) – here’s what we thought… Jason Eli Schiff (@eli_schiff) had some interesting thoughts and concerns about flat design. Although his views might not be shared by most, I do agree with a few of his key points. Things have gotten so flat and spare that some major usability…

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Recently, Gravitate received a letter from a young girl named Lindsey, an eighth grader from Wisconsin in the process of conducting some career research. She was looking to Gravitate for general web design knowledge along with some advice on pursuing a career in the creative industry. We believe it’s vital to our industry to selflessly…

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medical on mobile

Medical on Mobile: Why Responsive and Mobile First Design are Vital to the Healthcare Industry

How are you reading this article right now? More specifically, what size of screen are you viewing this information on? Are you on a 4-inch phone, an 8-inch tablet, a 15-inch laptop, or a 27-inch desktop? Are you having to swipe, pinch, and zoom to see content? Or is everything laid out for you to…

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Mouse with scroll wheel

There Can Be Only One: The Power of Single-Page Websites

There has been long-standing debate in the web design industry over whether users scroll or not. The “above-the-fold” mantra has been hammered into the brains of designers by old-fashioned thinkers wanting to spring a sales pitch on site visitors from the get go. But we’re here to say that the days of being concerned with the fold…

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image of simplebank

Effective Navigation: Using the KISS Principle

The KISS principle has nothing to do with the cheesy 70s arena rock band and everything to do with good design. It’s a design principle that originated in 1960 in the US Navy. The acronym means “keep it simple, stupid.” It was coined by Kelly Johnson, one of the most influential and innovative aircraft engineers…

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Responding to Responsive Design

The term responsive design was coined by Ethan Marcotte in 2011 when describing the changing demands for web design and the need for flexible site foundations and layouts. This demand arose because of the ever-increasing number of devices with different screen sizes. In a world where one can access the web using anything from a phone…

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CM Swami Visits Gravitate

Gravitate recently had the honor of a visit from one of our clients who we have grown fond of during our time working together. While touring their affiliated temples in the Northwest, the CM Swami of the BAPS organization stopped by our office last week to finally meet the Gravitate team in person. BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam…

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Take Risks On The Web

Without innovations on the web we wouldn’t have sites like Twitter or YouTube because nobody would be pushing the envelope to make something amazing. If you are consistently just keeping up with the average, your company won’t stand out and make an impact on your audience. Embrace new ideas and take risks, because that’s when…

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How to Kill Your Blog Traffic

As a follow-up to our series on writing for the Web, we decided to focus on what NOT to do when you blog and how to drive traffic away running and screaming. You’ll notice we left out the tip “Don’t write insanely long blog posts” because, well, if you dive in deep to a topic…

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