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The Pillars of Branding for Credit Unions

As we’ve written before: Branding to a company is like reputation to a person. Everything from a logo design to how support answers the phone—branding is the first impression, the ongoing relationship, and essentially every interaction that your current and potential customer experience with your company or product(s). Marty Neumeier, renowned speaker and author of…

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Educate Clients Through Your Web Design Presentation

The time has come to share your designs. Are your palms sweating yet? My twenty-something self thought that my designs would speak for themselves. Good design is recognized from a half mile away. The parade starts at 3 p.m. Be there. The truth is a good distance from that. Having the skills to speak to the…

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What a C-Suite Executive Should Know about Web Design

The word “design” is strongly associated with art and creativity, so it’s no surprise that people see design as a way to “make things pretty.” However, I connect  design with problem solving more than art. Admittedly, I am not a great artist, but that doesn’t stop me from doing my job as a designer. While…

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User Satisfaction > Fewer Clicks

The 3 click rule has been around since the dawn of the internet, but does the idea of having any content on your website accessible only after three clicks still hold up?

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Tell Me a Story

For decades now, the creative folks in print and film have had (nearly complete) control over how their audience experiences their stories. And there’s been a long-held question on how to incorporate the ability to tell a story into the digital realm. How do we decide what to share and in what order?

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web visions lean ux panel

Leaner and Better: Lessons Learned at WebVisions

Whether or not you’re fully abiding by Lean UX in your design process, you can pluck the core principles and apply them in your work to increase collaboration.

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Importance of Sketching

What My Mom Taught Me About Web Design

It’s a typical Thursday morning, and I’m in my kitchen sitting down to eat breakfast. Nothing special, just a bagel.  However, what is special about this breakfast, is that I have both time and silence—two things that are extremely delicious and fulfilling in their own ways. I find myself spending this quiet time thinking about an upcoming project. Accompanying my plate and bagel are a pen and sketchbook. I start sketching, thinking, and re-sketching, and I quickly start laying out what will be the foundation of a new project I’m working on will look like. Ideas are flowing, and bagels are disappearing.

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CommArts WebPick of the Day

We’re starting the year off strong with three WebPicks from CommArts. Our team is very proud of the work we do and it’s always nice to be recognized.

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responsive logo

Using Flexible Logos with Responsive Design

The mediums for advertising have always varied, and the increased production of new technologies continually shifts how an audience interacts with these channels. Naturally, the scope of design adapts to the audience with new solutions. One example would be the implementation of responsive design with the increased use of mobile devices. Images can no longer be simply placed within a composition and expected to sit still because they need to withstand varying aspect-ratio cropping as an image shifts within a responsive grid.

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Web Design Trends in 2015

The future is now my friends! As one year ends and another begins it’s beneficial, and honestly kind of fun, to reflect on the design trends of the passed year and predict the trends to come.

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Think Systematically, Not Pixel Perfect.

Pixel perfect isn’t realistic, and I have found the pursuit to be a waste of time. The ever-evolving browser/screen resolution/device/Internet connection are a continuously moving target that we won’t be able to prepare for. As designers, we need to design robust websites that not only roll with the punches, but look good doing it.

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What is UX Design

Where in the physical world do we digest the enormous amount of information like that of which we do on the Internet? Nowhere, that’s why the web is such a unique world to experience and why the process of UX is so incredibly vital in creating a successful website.

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How Well Do You Know Your Holiday Movies?

We’re all familiar with one of the best holiday pastimes out there: settling inside during those cold wintery nights watching classic Christmas movies. Like that one with the leg lamp, or the one where those two singers visit a dried up ski lodge owned by the former Army General

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design week portland art

Design Week Portland Pop Up Gallery Show: A to B

Every year the city of Portland’s makers and doers gather to celebrate our craft. There are artist and designer lectures, workshops, daily activities, contests and about 1,000 free notebooks and posters. This year was special for me, because rather than simply attending events, I contributed to the madness.

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Design Week Portland

We went to Design Week Portland (DWP) – here’s what we thought…

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