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Web Enabled Tree

The Web Enabled Tree

What do you get when you put together the magic of the Holidays and the creativity of a digital marketing and design agency? That’s right… a web enabled Christmas Tree. In late November we discovered the amazing robot named “Sid” created by sidigital in the UK (seriously, so much cool stuff starts in the UK).…

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The Best Form Ever

In the vast majority of cases, a form is the primary conversion point on a website. All the hard work you put into communicating your story or promoting your product comes down to one (hopefully simple) form. Because of this, they get plenty of attention from conversion nerds like us. We analyze how to prevent spam,…

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Worried About Google Penalties for Using Landing Pages?

In a perfect world, all landing pages on the web would contain rich content that serves to provide users with an honest and accurate solution to their queries. Unfortunately, many “black hat” SEO tactics have spoiled the quality of landing page content within search engine result pages (SERPs), forcing Google to take action by imposing…

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Website Best Practice: The Healthcare Industry

A solid web presence can provide a significant source of revenue for organizations that might otherwise rely on referrals and word-of-mouth to generate business—healthcare providers are no exception. Whether you’re a local practitioner or an urgent care clinic, it’s vital to both establish trust and credibility on the front end and ensure that patient information…

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Movember Charity Event - Gravitate

Stache Clash Charity Event

During the month of November a crew at Gravitate has been growing their moustaches in support of the Movember charity. Movember believes in changing the face of men’s health by calling attention to some common medical issues. They partner with different organizations to sponsor events, donate money, and raise awareness. Gravitate is participating for the…

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Gravitate’s Movember ‘Stache Clash – A “Movember” Charity Fundraiser

The month of November at Gravitate is a special time of year as it means our office is flourishing with beautiful, dapper moustaches. Why so? “Movember,” not to be confused with “No Shave November,” is a month when men grow out their favorite ‘staches in an effort to raise awareness about men’s health, particularly prostate…

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Responding to Responsive Design

The term responsive design was coined by Ethan Marcotte in 2011 when describing the changing demands for web design and the need for flexible site foundations and layouts. This demand arose because of the ever-increasing number of devices with different screen sizes. In a world where one can access the web using anything from a phone…

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Manifesto of Doing

Creating a culture of accomplishment Say the words company culture, and you are likely to get a mixed bag of strong emotions paired with a few choice words that would raise the eyebrows of any HR manager. We all know culture is important, but most of us are scared to death of it, like an…

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How to Use Vertical Marketing For Better Leads

What the Google Hummingbird Update Means for Vertical Marketers First, let’s do a quick recap on Google’s latest algorithm update. It’s well known by now that Google announced its Hummingbird update last September. This is the largest update since 2001, which many say is essentially an entirely new algorithm. Google is improving its ability to…

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Newspapers Readership Down Due to Poor UX

Since 2006 the newspaper industry has seen a sharp decline in readership due to the rise of internet news and other more immediate methods of news consumption. Ad revenues are down 50% in that same period. 1 Things are continuing to worsen as people have stopped recognizing the newspaper as a valid source of relevant…

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Put A Bird In It

Gravitate is excited to be a part of Design Week Portland by participating in WeMake’s Put A Bird In It birdhouse auction. WeMake is an organization that fosters design and art within the community. They run monthly design events and workshops around Portland that focus on design process. This is the second year they’ve thrown…

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How to Enable Age Demographics and Interests in Google Analytics

Last Updated: 4/17/2014 Finally, Google is supplying more information on audience demographics. It has been part of the standard Google Analytics for sometime now but now that Universal Analytics is out of Beta and into prime time all Google Analytics accounts should be able to use this feature.  You’ll be able to find this information…

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You Can’t Miss Us

Attention Portland-ers and Vancouver-ites! If you happen to be traveling around in the downtown Vancouver area, make sure you check out the newest sign in the neighborhood. (Title previously held by Jorge’s Tequila Factory).  Over the last year we’ve rolled out our new logo, a great deal of branded collateral material, a fresh new website,…

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internal linking structure, image

Internal Link Analysis For Landing Pages

This post may be a little dry, but it’s one of the most important subjects for generating more leads through your website – internal link structure. Specifically, how to leverage internal links for boosting traffic to your top landing pages (a.k.a. your money pages). It’s important that you already have a good understanding of what…

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Luis von Ahn is the Coolest

Luis von Ahn is making a real impact. He’s improving the world, and you’ve already helped him, likely without even realizing it. The story begins with the process of registering for a Hotmail account in 1998. Imagine you’re a spammer, surfing the net on your bondi blue iMac G3 and you realize that Hotmail (and…

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