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How SEO Fits In With Marketing Goals, Design Aesthetics, and Website Functionality

We covered the basics of SEO in our previous post. Today, we’re going to explore how this fits in with marketing goals, design aesthetics, and functionality. Knowing these basics of SEO should help in understanding where SEO fits in with a website or marketing campaign. Lee Odden gave a wonderful metaphor for explaining this relationship…

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What is SEO? Is It More Than Just Optimizing for Search Engines?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization,” but what does that even mean? It’s the act of optimizing your site for search engines, right? Well, not exactly. Google (the site with the fun doodles) encourages webmasters not to base decisions on SEO alone but to first think of their audience and to make the main goal…

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The Essentials of Measuring Website Conversions

If you’re running experiments and A/B testing for conversion improvement you’ll need to make sure you’re measuring the right stuff. Conversions are usually broken into two categories: macro and micro. Each is important, yet provides different value in terms of success. Macro (think big) is our primary conversion point. This means we’re getting a new lead, usually…

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7 Ways to Increase Website Conversions

Do you know your conversion rates? What is your cost per conversion? Are you even tracking conversions? Are you starting to freak out because you don’t know any of these things? If so, you’re not alone, unfortunately, and you should probably keep reading. Conversions (i.e., web leads) are the life-blood for many businesses and should not…

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Apple’s New Health App: Intrusive or Helpful?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an app that gives you a quick snapshot of your health—a central hub that pulls data from all of your favorite health-related apps and shares it with your physician or dietician? Well, your dream is a few short months away from reality thanks to Apple’s new Health app for…

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Is Google Wallet still a thing?

My wallet is a mess of old receipts, loyalty cards, and bankcards—in fact, you could probably say that I have a less extreme version of George Costanza’s wallet. At times, it looks more like a pocket-sized “murse” full of junk that I’ve neglected to throw away rather than a wallet. Maybe I’ll need that “10%…

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What does (not set) and (not provided) mean in Google Analytics?

This post is for anyone who works with or helps others work with Google Analytics. What does (not set) and (not provided) mean? We get this question all the time. Hopefully you can use this as a reference in case you forget or someone asks you for an explanation. (Not Provided) = Organic visits from…

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What Are Sessions and Users in Google Analytics?

New Vocab Update to Google Analytics I was running an Analytics report the other day with a client to discuss PageViews and Unique PageViews for a new cluster of landing pages we had created, but low and behold: The PageView data was gone! Instead there was something called Sessions. I hovered over the little question…

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Another new feature from Google Analytics: Active Users

What does “Active Users” mean in Google Analytics? We just discovered another new Analytics feature today and there doesn’t appear to be ANY information about it online yet. We checked the usual sources, including the Google Analytics official blog, but found no information. Under the Audience tab there is a new option in beta called,…

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gravitate event tracking

Event Tracking Plugin for WordPress Websites

Updated June 16th, 2014 If you’ve been following our blog you may have noticed how serious we are about gathering user data and reporting it through our client dashboard & Google Analytics. After all, if you’re not able to report the results from your efforts, then what’s the point? Our digital marketers and developers teamed…

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Why we love Instagram

There are two types of activities occurring at any given moment in the Gravitate office—the first being our actual business. We are designing, coding, launching, and analyzing websites and campaigns. Everybody is focused on carrying out those processes—all while laughing, creating, editing, eating, innovating, iterating, and riding scooters around the office. We ultimately package everything…

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How Your Website Service Team is Like Your Mother

Mothers. Everybody has one. Those special ladies that brought you into this world have one of the toughest jobs possible. They are there each and every day to help you with your problems, take care of you when you’re sick, offer advice when you need it, and provide a shoulder to cry on when life…

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How We Used Vertical Marketing to Enter a New Industry

Over the past 14 years we’ve worked with dozens of industries. Recently, we’ve decided to start focusing our marketing efforts toward specific industries that we enjoy working with—one of those is the medical field. In order to attract specific clientele we knew we’d have to turn our website into a laser-targeted marketing machine. We couldn’t…

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How to write an effective website design RFP

A big part of the success for any project happens before the project begins, and even before contracts are signed. When creating a successful website, pre-planning and vendor selection are just as important as design and development. For a lot of organizations, the solution is to draft a request for proposal document, or RFP, and…

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New Internet Marketing Strategies – The Future of SEO

Don’t Get Left Behind Google is working very hard at becoming human. At Gravitate, we’ve always promoted writing great content aimed at humans and not robots as the key to SEO longevity. However, there are a few key tactics when it comes to creating and promoting content that Google wants to see more of.  Developing…

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