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Phat Friday – Stats that Rock 12-16

Phat Stats are our weekly nuggets of interesting and sometimes shocking knowledge from around the industry.

Big spenders choose SEO

Our SEO team found their sweet spot today on the marketing budget sheet. When 2,500 small business were asked to choose only one marketing channel, they kept SEO over social media and conventional print. When asked what channel do they use most? It wasn’t surprising to hear: Facebook. (not Facebook ads).  I like the sound of that…

Views Count on YouTube

This is interesting any day, however what makes this next stat so Phat is not only the view count, but the videos that preceded it. They aren’t even the same genre as this video. It’s also the duration of time this one has lived at YouTube – 5 years. After five years, it still ranks in the top 10 most viewed videos. If this was radio…I could pause here.

Videos most viewed in order of most views first and the date it was first posted:

@JustinBieber – 1 year: 675,575,318 views

@LadyGaga – 2 years: 434,251,074 views

@Shakira singing Waka Waka, the official FIFA World Cup Song – 1 year: 429,921,510 views (…probably those FB fans of Manchester United. Pays to play.)

But our Phat Stat winner coming in as the tenth most viewed ever on YouTube: The Sneezing Baby Panda – 5 years: 125,545,825 views.

Wow. We the public have spoken…We love cute little white and black baby bears that sneeze and are held by their mommy. We simply can’t get enough of it. Can’t blame them. I love them too.

For other such wild end-of-the-year facts to check out:

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