None of us are unfamiliar with seeing video content as we browse the web and our social feeds, but prepare yourself to start seeing even more of it this year. With the turn of each calendar, we see the time spent viewing video content by consumers on the rise, but this year, that number is especially eye-catching. According to eMarketer, the average time spent consuming video content is projected to be 1:22 per day in 2018. This is both good news and bad news for us marketers.

The Good News

The good news is that video content is fun, engaging, and is an excellent way to communicate your brand’s message and core values to your audience. While good photography can translate mood and make a statement, strong video content allows you to tell the full story as it relates to your brand.

The Bad News

The pressure is on! But really, for those who are less familiar with creating video content, this could new method of communicating to your audience may be a challenge. Creating quality content can be expensive if you’re outsourcing or require a lot of time if you’re dedicated to learning the skill yourself.

How to cleverly incorporate video on your website

If you take a spin around the world wide web, you’ll notice a good handful of websites which are already utilizing video on their homepages. The top banner of a website becomes the perfect space for a short, 10-15 second looping clip that relays the feeling of your brand. A good example of this can be found on our homepage. Giving an inside view to how we work helps our clients and future employees feel more confident entering a relationship with us.

Allowing website visitors a inside peek behind the product or services builds a deeper trust and commitment with your customers. Using video to capture the personalities that make your business come to life is a great way encourage engagement with your website visitors.

If you’re in business, we’d bet you probably have a pretty cool product (or service) to market. There’s nothing that sells a product quite like seeing it in action and, because of video, you don’t need to rely on in-person demos and trade show exposure anymore. Show off the intricate details, showcase the unique functionality, and let your viewers experience the same satisfaction you do.

We’re all interested in knowing how the magic happens. Using video to share your process gives your customers what feels like an “exclusive behind the scenes” peek into the hard work, dedication, and passion that pours into each product (or service) you offer.

We’ve all clicked through on a promotion only to land on a dull landing page with a form and some wordy content attempting to convince us to share our information. Rather than hoping the visitor will read and digest the content you’ve spilled onto your landing page, engage them quickly with the opportunity to hit “play” on a video. As long as your video is entertaining, we would bet that viewer will stay engaged the entire way through.
Ultimately, if you’re not there already, you’ve got to start using video to engage with your audience. According to Wyzowl, 81% of businesses are already using video to engage their audiences and 99% of them say they plan on continuing the use of video (must be working, right?). Whether you have been creating video content or not, 2018 is the year to ramp it up. Focus on creating quality content for your website, social platforms, and marketing campaigns to bring your marketing efforts to the next level.

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