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    If your digital content consumption is anything like mine, it takes the following path:

    1. Discover article on Twitter. Click through to the article website.
    2. Decide you’re unprepared to commit the time required to reading the article.
    3. Keep tab open in Chrome for three days with the intent of reading it … eventually.
    4. Give up. Close the tab without reading. Acknowledge you’re borderline illiterate and incapable of reading anything longer than 140 characters.

    Fortunately, Gravitate’s content department Slack channel is chock full of inspiration and recommended long reads so we can circle back and read them when we have time.

    Here are four of the best content marketing articles we’ve found the past few weeks, just in time for you to read over the long holiday weekend.

    Are the NYT’s Virtual Reality Films for Brands the Next Big Thing?

    Over the course of a weekend, the New York Times distributed more than a million Google Cardboard VR viewing devices to its subscribers. Is this the future of branded content?

    “(It’s) a precursor to a new era of high-quality content marketing, because as part of the app’s rollout, the Times partnered with General Electric and MINI to release a pair of branded VR videos.” – Tessa Weggert

    How visual communication can help clients value content strategy in responsive projects

    What exactly do content strategists do? Sara Getz from Facebook says pictures can help you explain the value to everyone from a client CEO to your Aunt Rose.

    “If we can banish the phrase “I can’t draw” from our vocabulary and use pictures to add meaning and clarity to our ideas, it will be a boon for ourselves, our teams and our clients.” – Sara Getz

    The Roadmap for Creating Share-Worthy Content with Massive Distribution

    Do you want your content to be seen by millions? Of course you do. Kelsey Libert shares her agency’s method for content that hits “the right emotional hot buttons” to reach people who will share it like crazy.

    “Highly shareable content is not a silver bullet that satisfies every marketing goal. This type of content works best for getting high levels of awareness, attracting customers who are in the top of the sales cycle, and, sometimes, for generating interest in a product or service.” – Kelsey Libert

    Why your preview image matters as much as the headline

    Your Facebook feed is inundated with clickbait every day. So how do you decide what gets your click? The preview image probably has something to do with it. Here are seven tips for your next preview image from Sarah Mandato.

    “You don’t see a lot of Instagram photos of jars of tomato sauce. You do see a lot of Instagram photos of beautiful bowls of pasta with rich red sauce, a grating of cheese, and a bright green basil leaf; maybe even on a table surrounded by friends or family.” – Sarah Mandato