Digital marketing needs are constantly changing as technology, trends, and customer behaviors evolve. Marketers and digital managers need to focus on an increasing variety of tactics which can often mean hiring multiple agencies (one size often does not fit all). But, managing multiple agencies takes exponentially more time than just one vendor partner.

Here are five benefits of utilizing a full-service digital marketing agency.

#1 Cost-Effective

Unless you are employed by a multi-million dollar organization, chances are you don’t have room for a specialist in every segment of digital marketing. Sometimes you can find an individual who knows paid search and paid social or someone who can write and manage the content calendar. But, at what cost? Are you sacrificing quality for a lower price?

The answer is yes. Full digital marketing agencies have teams who specialize in each aspect of digital marketing. Consider them one-stop shopping for all things digital, without the price tag of individuals on your team who specialize in each discipline. Get more for your money! You can always start small and scale as you see results.

#2 Efficiency

One size does not fit all. But, instead of using several different agencies, you can use one for most of your digital marketing needs. Instead of having four meetings and four follow up emails with four different agencies, you are able to consolidate it down to one.

Imagine having one point of contact for your SEO efforts, paid social media campaigns, conversion rate optimization projects, and new landing page designs. Sounds like a dream for your busy schedule, right? Hiring an agency doesn’t mean that you have to use all of the services. But, if you ever need something extra, the team is built-in and ready to help out.

#3 Stay Current

Digital marketing trends are continually changing and evolving, and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest. Lean on your full-service agency as they will definitely stay current and keep you informed on what your organization needs to be focused on. There’s just not enough time in the day to read all the right content marketing blogs, social media blogs, and search engine blogs. Instead, ask your agency partners for regular updates to stay on the cutting edge.

#4 Collaborate

One of the cornerstones of any great digital marketing agency is collaboration. Individuals from various marketing disciplines love to come together to create top-notch strategies to help their clients move forward to become the best in their respective industries. This type of synergy results in the transfer of knowledge without having to do the legwork yourself. Bonus!

Take the guesswork out of your campaign and ask your agency partners if they’ve seen successful results with other companies, or not. Thoughtful insights about wins and losses can help guide your approach and decision making.

#5 Data, Data, Data

Has upper management ever asked you to add something to your website, and tell you where to put it? Did you feel like you didn’t have a choice to say no, or the authority to push back? Full-service digital marketing agencies have all the tools to provide insight and back up decisions with data. Heat map tracking and split testing can provide you with hard facts about how users are interacting with your website, and what changes can increase conversions or improve the user experience.

Remember that form you were “forced” to add to the bottom of one of your longest pages? Use the data to show that users scroll to the bottom only 3% of the time and that there were 30 more conversions when the form was at the top of the page. Data drives results!

– Schedule regular check-in meetings with your account manager to ensure you’re on top of your work and moving in the right direction.

– Plan ahead! Keep the account manager informed of what’s coming up next. You’ll be ahead of the curve when that new product gets rolled out.

– Inquire about project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, or Trello. They help everyone stay on schedule and provide transparency for reporting.

– Ask all of the questions! Don’t be embarrassed to ask anything at all. The agency has an arsenal of experts to advise you on best practices in every aspect of marketing and website development.

– Also, we made this Agency Buyer’s Guide a few years ago that may be helpful.

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