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    As we move through our day working hard at Gravitate most of us had no idea what has been lurking among us…

    Over here at the Gravitate office, front-end developer Nicholas Coker looks pretty unassuming at his desk as he sifts through code and troubleshoots just about everything else. In fact we could probably go ahead and say he’s a hero of sorts around here with his ability to solve problems.

    Meanwhile late September in Portland, Oregon a plethora of geeks travel back to a simpler time in gaming. It was a time of blocky pixels, Atari and the Mushroom Kingdom. The Portland Retro Gaming Expo was the scene, and the Golem was sighted.

    Portland Retro Gaming Expo costume design

    Photos courtesy of RailWolf /

    All it took was a little thinking in the box (including one Krispy Kream box), an orange zentai suit, a lot of orange paint, Hulk hands, a Slime plushy and suddenly hero Nicholas Coker was transformed into Dragon Quest enemy, the Golem.

    Portland Retro Gaming Expo-winning golem design

    Photos courtesy of RailWolf /

    Ultimately Golem took away a portable NES system for his overall victory at the PRGE, but as far as we can tell it must have been a flute in the distance that transformed Golem back into Nicholas for work on Monday morning. Congratulations Nicholas!

    Thanks to RailWolf for use of his photos of this event!