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    Your website has the potential to reach millions with your message. But how do you get your users’ undivided attention and get them to open their wallets? Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to turning your non-profit’s website into a money-making machine.

    Clearly communicate who you are. Don’t assume that your visitors already know about who you are and what you do. Include an abbreviated mission statement on your homepage and put a prominent link to your About Us page. 

    Make donating easy.  Place a “donate now” or similar call to action prominently on each page and link your donation page to your homepage. Make the ‘check out’ a single step process where only one page is used for gathering information. Don’t require visitors to set up an account to donate.

    Include a news section or a blog. This will help you keep your site fresh, engaging, and increase your visibility to search engines. If you are going to include these features, be committed to updating them on a regular basis. No news is definitely bad news in this case.

    Stay consistent. The more consistency a user sees from you on and offline, the more they will trust you. Your site should be consistent with the rest of your promotional material such as brochures, newsletters, and direct mail.