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    Have you ever wondered what the best holiday movie was? Well, besides Die Hard, of course. Us too.

    We have held on to our holiday tradition of giving, but have moved from the 2013 Tree Lighting and donating to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to the “Best Xmas Ever: 2014 Movie Edition,” donating all proceeds to the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools (VPS).

    best xmas ever 2014 movie edition


    Best Xmas Ever FlyerThe voting has now closed and the best holiday movie has been decided. The winner is Christmas Vacation. You may be surprised, because some of these other movies have been the cornerstone of holiday movie nights for years. But that’s what happened, and we have the votes to prove it. The nominees in the holiday bracket were:

    • The Nightmare Before Christmas
    • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
    • It’s A Wonderful Life
    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)
    • A Charlie Brown Christmas
    • Die Hard
    • A Christmas Story
    • Home Alone
    • White Christmas
    • Scrooged
    • The Santa Clause
    • Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    • Love Actually
    • Bad Santa
    • Elf

    About “Best Xmas Ever: 2014 Movie Edition”


    Gravitate wanted to find a way to raise money for a worthwhile project, so we reached out to a few localbest xmas ever website businesses in Vancouver, WA, asking them to sponsor the Best Xmas Ever by donating a certain amount per vote. We recommended a few different sponsorships:

    • 10 cents per vote with a max of $250
    • 25 cents per vote with a max of $500
    • 50 cents per vote with a max of $1000

    The businesses that joined us were Kiggins Theatre, Carol J. Curtis of Windermere Real Estate and Jorge’s Tequilla Factory and Family Restaurant. With their contributions, we were able to donate $1.40 per vote to the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools.


    But we wanted to find a way to further engage the community. Internally, we were already discussing the best holiday movies, so we decided to run with this idea and allow the public to vote. The core team (designers Melanie and Stephen, developer Jpop, and DM specialist Joe) got together and came up with ideas that would be fun, be festive, and encourage users to return. Stephen designed the website while Mel worked on print materials for sponsorship handouts. Once designs were finished, Jpop got to work while the team went looking for sponsors. Planning, design and development was covered at Gravitate’s expense to ensure that all proceeds generated by the voting would be donated to the Foundation for VPS.

    You can view the web page here – Best Xmas Ever: 2014 Movie Edition

    Why the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools?

    Gravitate and Kiggins discussed the options and both loved the idea of supporting local schools and the future well-being of our city and country. Gravitate was already involved in other programs with the Foundation for VPS, with our staff participating in the Lunch Buddy program. So the decision made by Vancouver businesses to support the education of Vancouver kids couldn’t have been easier!

    The “Best Xmas Ever: 2014 Movie Edition” generated $2,150 that was donated to the Foundation to Vancouver Public Schools from the sponsors and Christmas Vacation is the Best Xmas Movie Ever.