Gravitate’s website design process has transformed dramatically in the past decade—hell, even in the past two years—and we’re really pumped about where it’s taking us. Our proactive, content-driven philosophy, and matching project lifecycle, has opened up opportunities to work with clients who understand not only the value of our website design, but also are eager to partner with us as their digital marketing agency once the initial build is complete.

Gather Content, a London-based, pre-CMS content solution, asked me to host a webinar to talk in detail about our project lifecycle. During the 90-minute webinar, I define processes surrounding routine tasks to help agencies foresee and mitigate issues, increase project output rates, improve productivity, increase profitability, and (perhaps most importantly) create a baseline for agencies to improve upon.

Specially, the webinar covers the website build lifecycle, including:

  • Research & Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Tech Specifications
  • Wireframes
  • Design
  • Development
  • QA
  • Implementation

We’re happy to continue the conversation and answer any questions that we didn’t have time for during the webinar.
If you have any questions or input, please leave a comment below.

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