You don’t need your own YouTube Channel to leverage online video and extend your digital marketing reach (though it wouldn’t hurt). Incorporating video on to your website is a relatively simple way to communicate quickly and clearly, engage your users, and improve your online presence and search engine rankings. Before dusting off your old home movies, here are three key points to remember:

Audience First

As with all marketing strategies, you must first decide who you are targeting before you develop your message. Then, make sure that your video is created with them in mind, particularly in terms of language and style. Your primary audience will play an important role in the overall reach of your video, so communicate with them in a way they will understand. This will increase the chances of your video achieving wider popularity. It may be helpful to investigate what styles of video are popular among your niche.

Short, Sweet, and Shareable

In a perfect world, your video should be between one to two minutes long. Realistically, anything less than five is alright, as long as it entertaining or informative – better yet, both! Though video can help you to explain complex issues, it’s best to keep things simple. Each video should have one clear message to get across. Following these steps will make it more likely for your users to share or link to your video on their social media.

Leave it to the professionals

You likely wouldn’t ask your middle-school-aged nephew to write a press release for your business, so why would you treat video production this way? Find a reputable videographer and editor to help you produce a high quality video; it is more affordable than you might think. Also consider investing in a professional writer to aid with the content. Your investment will produce big returns in the credibility and ultimately shareability of your video.

Incorporating video on your website is the ideal way to show your company’s personality and connect with your customers, especially those remote from you.  According to eMarketer’s estimates “53.5% of the total population and 70.8% of internet users will watch online video in 2012.”  That’s a lot of exposure. When done correctly, a great online video will have an exponential impact on your online visibility and brand recognition.

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