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    What makes a ‘Stat’ Phat?

    We might as well quantify what we mean by “Phat Stat”. A phat stat is any number that seems unimaginably large for the human mind to consider as a viable numeric. These numbers live in the world of say…the number of chili peppers someone ate to win a car or kilometers cycled by people in Copenhagen in day. We wonder what that number looks like, but never really can see it in our minds eye.

    Secondly, these are the stats for which awesome tweets and social posts gain strong engagement metrics. If they were a movie, these numbers would be the movie that made the most revenue their first day open at the box office.

    This week in “likes”

    Minecraft posted their viral video which debuted last month at their international gaming convention, MineCon, which – SOLD OUT.

    The video is a history of the games development. Minecraft which boasts over 16 Million players, started as a simple lego-ish type digital build game. As it has matured in the past few months, it’s become a tool for real-life application in the marketplace. Architectural firms, engineering development teams and even graduate students use the game as a means to display dimensional work.

    Minecraft claims a Phat Stat mention for several numbers that go big:

    • 16 Million players
    • Partnering with Xbox and gaining an additional potential pool of 35 Million players
    • 15,000 “likes” for evolution video in Facebook
    • 430,000 Youtube views for Minecraft evolution video

    Last, But Not Least

    LinkedIn posted on their site, November 3, current power numbers as a dominating leader in professional social networks.

    LinkedIn reports:

    • They have 135 Million users in over 200 countries and territories.
    • Nearly two billion people used LinkedIn as a search tool in 2010.
    • Based on third quarter 2011 metrics, LinkedIn members are on pace to do more than four billion searches on the LinkedIn platform in 2011.

    In the coming weeks, Gravitate Design Studio will bring you more Phat Stats on Fridays. We’ll keep looking for those mind blowing hot as a chilli pepper data numbers that seem so outrageously large that they just have to be called – PHAT STAT.