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    Podcast Interview: Gravitate’s Spin on CRO & SEO

    Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to be interviewed by Nathan Webster’s Let’s Talk Marketing Podcast and discuss all things CRO, SEO, and how to do content marketing in today’s climate. While our focus was originally on the two topics of CRO and SEO, we ended up discussing a few different areas around marketing fundamentals, retention strategies and more.

    Here are a few highlights from our conversation and a few resources below on how you can listen for yourself. Learn more about Nathan and his marketing consulting services here:

    Podcast Highlights

    • CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are tools for digital marketing and are not the end-all solution for modern marketers. These tools should be integrated into a larger content marketing plan in order to maximize value.
    • For CRO beginners, we recommend “persona” based click through audits and basic analytics to get started with your opportunity research. For those looking to take things a step deeper, heatmap/video tracking from HotJar can take you a long way.
    • CRO does not mean a direct sale. Sometimes CRO is optimizing towards a higher funnel conversion like a download that you will nurture to a sale through remarketing.
    • For SEO beginners, start creating content around your primary audiences and solutions. Once you’ve exhausted your ideas, it’s time to hire an expert for competitor analysis, keyword research, and on-site optimization.
    • Content is a forever game. Don’t give up on content and understand that it is an asset for your future marketing efforts.
    • If you are not thinking about customer retention in 2020, you are failing your customers. Now is the time to speak to your best customers, tap into your existing marketing databases (if you have them), and encourage retention.
    • In 2020, marketing is unique for each business. Understand your fundamentals, triple down on what has worked in the past, and treat your current customers like gold.

    Listening Resources

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