Google announced Project Glass this week and revealed the prototype for a new personal communication device that would encapsulate pretty much every Google program in a pair of futuristic glasses. Getting organized has never been more fashionable!

They aren’t really glasses per se, but a device worn on the head with a small screen above the right eye. The screen flashes information on cue, allowing users to set up meetings, get directions, take pictures, and video chat. It uses voice command to translate spoken commands into actions.

Google released this video to show what this product could eventually do. If it works, it could be big, really big. Pushing Google to the front of the pack in the personal communication device market. It even hints at artificial-intelligence…yes please!

Like most new technology announcements these days, it touts the ability to help users stay more connected and engaged with their world. The pictures of people wearing the prototype, however, make it look distracting…isolating, even. I guess the first cell phone user must have looked pretty weird too…

Sadly, you won’t be able to get these sweet specs at a mall kiosk anytime soon. A Google spokesperson said that it is unlikely that the glasses will be available to consumers anytime before 2013.

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