A live virtual event happening from 9am – 3pm on April 30, 2020.

How to make the right business decisions in a time of uncertainty

With clients of all shapes and sizes spread across every industry, marketing agencies have a unique vantage point during this COVID pandemic. Yet despite this bird’s eye view, we’re still trudging through the mud with everyone else. Cashflow, payroll, PPP, accounts receivable…the bottom line is if you own a business your world is getting rocked.

What I have learned most clearly these last several weeks is that we all share the same problems at the core, yet the old roads for success have forked and fragmented — vanishing entirely for some industries. How do you move forward when all paths are dark and unclear? How do you know the way to go when every company is forced to blaze their own trail?

I sat down with a group of other professionals in the field to discuss these very same questions. What we found was that we were unified in our belief that now is the time to share, open up, and tell those stories of success so that we can all learn together, grow, adapt, and come out stronger.

What good is it that ‘we’re all in this together’ if we can’t help each other rise up? What one company does can shed light on another, and the same in return. When this dialogue continues and spreads, more light is produced and overtime entirely new paths will be illuminated for us all. That’s when being in this together makes a difference.

To that end, we decided our ‘coalition’ should do our part to get the conversation started. After all, if we have such a unique vantage point, how can we choose to hold that information back?


Donation Details

In addition to giving whatever insights we can, we chose to take the opportunity to also raise money for three charities whose efforts are making an impact in our community.

During times of crisis, homeless and impoverished children are hit the hardest. We are partnering with the Foundation for Vancouver Public Schools to bring financial assistance to those kids who need it most.

We’ve joined up with Family Meal PDX to help support food-service and medical workers with aid in the Portland-Vancouver region. They carry the same fears and suffer the same loss, but they are on the front lines of the pandemic for us all.

Our friends at the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) are helping to support and distribute money in the Columbia River region to small and medium-sized businesses in the industries being hit the hardest.

This event will be insightful, useful, and hopefully pretty encouraging. Come join us for the full day or just pop in when you can.

“Rise Up! An Event for Companies Who Refuse to Stay Down” is for businesses who want to learn from each other. We chose to focus on only three talks, each followed by a candid discussion with panels of experts from the world of marketing, advertising, and creativity.

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