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    Whether you are paying for advertising space on social media or relying on organic marketing to boost your business in 2021, here are some trends to be aware of if you aren’t already.

    Video Is King

    Short form videos blew up in 2020 thanks to TikTok and the shift in users being online more since stay at home orders were put in place. Using TikTok, or Instagram Reels, or Snapchat story format style videos is never a wasted effort.

    LIVE video is gaining popularity at a rapid rate as well. The live-streaming industry increased 99% in 2020. It is safe to say that we will continue to see this across social media. With everything from work meetings to happy hour, live video is the new boomerang.

    High Value Content

    Posting for the sake of posting is great and all, but if what you are sharing isn’t valuable to your community, then why share it at all? Over the course of 2020, we have seen a shift across social media. People are no longer looking for pretty content that looks nice. They are looking for content with a bit of meat to it. Content with value (especially free value). So think along the lines of:

    -Recommendation lists
    -Free Resources

    So how does this relate to a travel company, an architecture firm or a dental office? Dig deep and find something that your customers would find useful, or something that your peers would find helpful. Lists, guides and insightful blog content will continue to serve your audience, plus they are really easy to repurpose year over year and just update relevant information. For example:

    -5 Ways To Level Up Your Oral Health Game
    -10 Trends in Residential Home Design We Will See in 2021
    -10 Reasons To Travel During a Pandemic (And Feel No Shame About It.)

    Give A Shit

    With social justice movements, climate change conversations, and a call for accountability across the board becoming more and more mainstream… It is no surprise that customers are doing a double take when it comes to who they are supporting and where they are spending their hard earned money. It is a good idea to take a stand for what your company values are, and convey your position across social media.

    Final Thoughts:

    Social Media is an ever-changing medium. What works well in January, may not be what works in December. The key is to pay attention and quickly adapt.