Effective Management Begins Here

The success of a project hinges on a variety of elements. At the broadest level, you need the following:

  • Clear vision and mission
  • Budget
  • Talented and dedicated resources
  • Plan for completion
  • Clear and consistent communication between the internal team and the client

Our account managers also wear project manager hats at Gravitate and, as such, we spend a lot of time and focus on items #4 and #5. To keep our team and our clients actively engaged at every phase of the project, we turn to digital collaborative workflow tools.

There are many tools to choose from (you’ll need to sort through two pages of ads if you just Google the term “collaborative workflow tools”), and I won’t go so far as to recommend one tool over another. They all offer similar features and functionality and among our team members, it’s really a matter of personal preference on the user interface. Oftentimes, clients will have a workflow tool they use internally, and we will adapt our modus operandi to accommodate their choices.

Here are a few reasons a digital collaborative workflow tool works so well in an agency setting, particularly in a small to medium-sized digital marketing agency like ours.

Keep all the project information in one place. Organize files of all kinds, key project emails, meeting notes, timelines, and so on — and they’re accessible to both the internal team and the client. Gone are the days of searching through a crowded server for the latest draft of the content plan and then heading back to email inboxes scouring for last week’s team meeting notes. Maintaining a primary repository for all project information increases efficiency by taking the guesswork out of where to find something. It also can aid in version control.

Allow for client and team collaboration at any time, from any place. Burning the midnight oil or awake at 4 a.m. stewing over everything under the sun? You might as well be productive. These tools allow access to the project at anytime from anywhere. You supply the Internet access.

Boost accountability. Quickly and easily, team members can provide feedback, indicate progress and priorities, call out action items and next steps, and assign responsibility. This helps hold the team (and the client) accountable and results in deadlines being met and the project running smoothly. Added bonus: everyone can quickly see exactly where the project is on its journey to completion.

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