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    What type do you love?

    July flew by so it’s already time for the second installment of the Gravitate designer’s favorite typeface. August’s pick comes to you from designer Joe Flory.

    As a senior designer in our creative team, Joe combines an innate sense of design and proportion with the good-natured gruffness of an 18th century seafaring captain. He breathes branding, drinks logos, and uses typeface to flavor his vegan stir-fries.

    Joe’s pick this month…

    “My pick this month is Tasse, designed by Guy Jefferson Nelson in 1994. Tasse has always been one of my faves, especially in circumstances where a bit of vintage flair is called for. A great looking typeface with industrial, squared off letterforms — Tasse is available as a large family with various weights and widths.

    The Font Bureau, who licenses the font, calls it a ‘straight-sided Futura’, which is apt since it is actually a revival of a typeface called Renner-Grotesk (and also later Steile Futura and Bauer Topic) that was designed from the late 30s to early 50s by Paul Renner, the designer of the iconic typeface Futura. Zuzanna Licko, best known for the classic Mrs.Eaves, also did a looser reinterpretation, called Solex for Emigre in the late 90s that is pretty killer, too.”

    Designer favorite typeface - Tasse