Instead of wasting time on YouTube watching a video of a chimp riding a Segway, you can now use it to do something important…like buy a Maroon 5 water bottle!

YouTube announced that it will soon launch The Merch Store, a coalition of eCommerce veterans that will give musicians the ability to sell digital downloads, merchandise, and even concert tickets directly from their YouTube channel.

Details are still rather fuzzy on the split of the sales. YouTube has assured artists that they will make the same amount whether they go through The Merch Store or the affiliate alone.

With 3 billion (with a b) videos watched every day; it’s an obvious path for the Google-owned company to follow. I’m optimistic that The Merch Store has the potential to transform the way musicians use YouTube. We’ll see if users are as quick to give up their credit card numbers as they are their coffee breaks.

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