Want to optimize your lead generation rates within your inbound marketing strategy? You need a growth plan. Together, you and your growth marketing agency partner can use demand generation tactics to drive user acquisition, keep customers engaged, retain them, and ultimately turn them into brand champions. “How?” you ask?

Four steps, two teams, one goal: marketing qualified leads. If you’re used to traditional top-of-funnel-focused marketing tactics, chances are you’ve viewed bottom-of-funnel tactics as “for the birds”; and if you’re employing an account-based marketing program, you probably see growth marketing tactics as snake oil. The truth lies somewhere between, and trusting that will set up your relationship with a growth marketing agency for success.

Let’s start with the burning question: What will this agency do? Well, assuming you’ve stacked your library of valuable content for your consumer, they’re going to deploy four lead-related tactics. Lead capture, lead magnets, landing pages optimized for conversions, and lead scoring.

Lead Capture

When’s the last time you returned to a product or service site purely organically? Or keyed in a domain name into the search bar? Probably never, maybe if there was a cash prize involved. The idea around asking users for their email addresses is so you can contact them about returning to your site, but if your growth marketing team is smart, they know it’s not that simple. Users are increasingly wary of getting spammed, so you need to offer a valuable exchange for their information: a bait, an incentive, a magnet.

Lead Magnets

Your growth marketing team will use data and their expertise to identify which pieces of content are your magnets. You’ve probably been giving them away for free, but no more. Whether it’s gated assets or webinar sign-ups, listen to your agency partner and stop wasting valuable lead capture opportunities.

Landing Pages

Your growth marketing agency won’t stop there. They’ve gated your goodies, and they’re going to want just the right display case to show them off. Landing pages are like airport runways–there’s a right and wrong way to build them. Optimizing the pages you send users is possible with a growth marketing agency partner who has a CRO (conversion rate optimization) specialist. They’ll either tweak an existing page or start from scratch to spruce up the environment where leads are captured. Expect tailored experiences for every campaign, and get ready to nerd out! The last step is where it gets really data-driven and analytical.

Lead Scoring

Scoring your leads is the mecca of growth marketing, and your agency partner wants nothing more than to get you there. The goal is simple: create a system of points to grade a prospect’s interactions with your online presence that show the probability of becoming a customer. Simple doesn’t mean easy, so it’s a good thing you have a team of growth marketers to figure it out. While it can get hairy along the way, the ROI of capitalizing more efficiently on leads makes it worth it. Less time chasing dead ends, more time converting leads to customers–all in a day’s (ok, more like weeks’) work for a growth marketing agency.

TLDR; If you’re like most companies, you’re partnering with an agency to implement your marketing strategy. So, where do you put your efforts vs. where do you ask the agency to pull the weight? It’s really quite simple. Focus on being your own subject matter expert, and pump out as many pieces of content as your product (and team) can support. Then, look to your agency to deploy them through a growth marketing strategy. With your content in place, you and your agency can begin using lead magnets on conversion-focused landing pages to increase lead capture, which you’ll turn into marketing qualified leads through your own lead scoring system.

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