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    The Gravitate brand is the essence of our mission and a collection of opinions people hold about our organization. This messaging guide explains the Gravitate mission, industry position, and the pillars and selling points that make Gravitate different.

    In today’s varied digital world, a brand’s message displays in more than a dozen channels and mediums. So rather than creating messages to solve the need of the moment, we’re aligning your message across different touchpoints – whether it appears in a Facebook news feed, a major in-person event, or in an email newsletter. The best brand is a unified and connected experience, no matter the medium, channel or category.

    The Gravitate Messaging Guide holds the foundational elements of Gravitate’s redefined brand, from how it manifests verbally to laying the groundwork for developing branded content going forward. The talking points by audience segment help our team articulate our message and allow us to build more high-value partnerships with clients.

    Who We Are

    We’re modern architects of digital experiences, solving complex problems with strategy, design and development, measuring the results and then refining. We’re makers, artists, marketers, communicators, storytellers, and engineers. Our Instagram accounts look like equal parts modern art museum – trash art, gesture art, papercraft, origami, sketches, patterns; and equal parts visual journal from the Lewis and Clark Expedition – Pacific Ocean waves, Gorge waterfalls, Mount Hood sunsets. Our passions and our senses of curiosity influence the digital experiences we build. We care deeply about the place we live, the clients with whom we work, and the coworkers with whom we work.

    We Are:

    • High Quality and Flexible
    • Modern and Data-Driven
    • Assertive and Valued
    • Friendly and Relationship-Focused

    We Are Not:

    • Blue-Collar
    • Cheap
    • Established
    • Rigid

    Brand Pillars

    Brand pillars are a set of principles defining the Gravitate brand. They reflect a collective mindset, and using them should be additive to the content we’re creating. They’re our most important value points in talking about the action we take and the value we provide to our clients.


    We build the best digital experiences for our clients’ audiences. We also create the foundations for our clients to manage content with the utmost efficiency behind the scenes.


    We refine because we’re never satisfied. We refine our process, to better meet a client’s need; our client websites, to drive greater business growth; our company, to better serve our clients.


    We’re navigators for clients who want to create change in their company and industry. As their digital marketing guide, we collaborate to reach inventive solutions to complex problems. We don’t unveil these solutions with big reveals. They emerge through thoughtful, collaborative strategy sessions and deep research.


    We advance your business growth with a revenue-driving digital experience unique to your industry.

    Positioning Statement

    Where does Gravitate fit into the agency marketplace? As competitors stake their claim to specific vertical markets or characteristics, we want to focus on what makes Gravitate unique. The positioning statement is for internal use only.

    For companies that want to launch a marketing transformation and see business growth, Gravitate is a digital experience agency solving complex problems with inventive solutions. Unlike other agencies, we don’t have a hit list of big-name brands we want to stuff in our portfolio. We partner with people, courageous people, people who want change, and people who don’t just want to leave a dent in their industry, but a crater.

    Boilerplate Company Description

    A boilerplate company description describes Gravitate’s purpose and mission. This statement will often appear at the end of press releases and other formal documents.

    Gravitate is a digital experience agency with more than 30 professionals based in the Pacific Northwest. When companies want to make a transformation in the digital space, they hire us to architect change that results in business growth. We’ve been around since 1999, which is a long time considering the web’s propensity for disruption. That’s enough time to learn the importance of refining a baseline process. It’s also long enough to know that relevancy in a digital world means you have to be spry and adapt your process to suit the problem you’re solving. We’re not here to stuff a list of big-name brands into our portfolio. We’re here to partner with courageous people who want to redefine the digital experience in their industry. We also believe in working side-by-side with our clients – we want you at the whiteboard with us. See our work and get in touch at

    Mission Statement

    A mission statement communicates the core mission of an organization. It’s a clear and succinct representation of the company’s purpose. This can be used externally to communicate Gravitate’s primary goal.

    We partner with clients to grow their business and redefine the digital experience in their industry.

    Brand Promise

    A brand promise is a customer-targeted tagline that conveys what Gravitate does and indicates our vision. This could be used in support of the brand name in collateral.

    We’re architects of digital experiences that solve problems and grow business.

    Scrap Heap

    Give us your hairiest business problem. We’ll give you a simple digital experience that solves it. We want you in our whiteboard room. Our passion project is your project. No big reveals. We’re architects of the digital experience.

    Tone and Voice

    Before you write for Gravitate, it’s important to think about our readers. Our voice doesn’t change much, but our tone adapts to our users’ feelings, and our brand pillars shine through in the content we create.


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    Email Newsletter

    From: Gravitate
    Subject: How we used A/B testing to learn blue is better than pink

    Reason: We’re helpful. We educate our audience on how we advance our own business, and in doing so we share our expertise and build trust. (Brand Pillar: Advancers)