Project Inquiry

    The more information you provide, the better we’ll understand your project and find the right solutions for you. Or if you’d like to talk to a live person give us a call at 888.217.9502. Talk to you soon!

    You’ve got the budget. You’ve got the support. And now you’re ready to find a partner to help you reach your goals. The question shifts from “why partner with an agency” to:

    “How do I choose the right marketing agency that will give me the best return on investment for my marketing dollars?”

    Let’s review the questions you should be asking, what you should be looking for in an agency, but probably aren’t. We’ll also teach you how to differentiate agencies and select the perfect type of agency for your business. Finally, we will reveal what agencies need from you to kick off the relationship and ensure a long term successful partnership.

    Finding an agency is a two-way street, so before jumping into the questions you should ask an agency, ask yourself a few questions first and generally communicate these preferences to prospective agencies to ensure long term compatibility.

    • What do you expect an agency to do/provide?
      Be clear on not only your marketing goals, but the specific services you expect. Not every firm is full-service.
    • Are you willing to listen to new ideas and try new things?
      Implementation aside, are you open to new ideas, processes, and solutions? If you’re not willing to consider different ideas, there’s little reason to hire a strategic, creative agency.
    • What is your communication style?
      Need to jump on the phone every week, or prefer to stay behind-the-scenes and communicate via email and progress reports? Know your preference and be with your agency.
    • How are you with deadlines?
      Any agency will need certain things from you throughout any project or campaign. Answer questions, provide figures and feedback, giving approvals and assets—the list goes on and on. Maintaining an efficient timeline is vital to the success of the relationship and your company’s marketing.