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    Presented on July 23, 2015 by Flynt Johnson & Don Elliott

    You can download the slides from the presentation here.

    How to Set a Realistic Timeline for a Website Project

    It’s not talked about often, but the timeline is the hardest part of the client/agency relationship.

    If you asked most clients and most agencies about their biggest point of contention, they would almost always say it was the timeline. The client wants their site up as fast as possible, while the agency wants to do their best work and (let’s face it) has more experience with developing a realistic timeline.

    This tension creates all kinds of havoc, starting in the sales cycle and continuing right through launch day.

    In this presentation we discussed:

    • What industry experts and other agencies say about timelines
    • Internal scoping and preparation for your team
    • Talking to agencies about the timeline and judging their promises
    • Determining how quickly your team can handle a project
    • The pros and cons of rushing (and what rushing means)
    • Realistic timelines at Gravitate
    • Q&A