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    Websites don’t launch “search-friendly”

    Out of the box, your website won’t automatically be crawled and indexed by search engines and all too often websites are launched and marketers assume they’ll eventually rise to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). There are many, many simple SEO tasks, and some more complex, that must be accomplished for search-bots to crawl, index, and ultimately begin ranking your website on SERPs. To cover all our bases we carry out an over 100-point checklist which covers technical elements, on-page essentials, and off-page signals. Once the SEO audit is complete, we report of our findings and actionable strategic recommendations—turning your website into a 24-hour working machine focused on acquiring new users and converting.


    Our audit checklist includes:

    • Google Analytics & Search
    • Console check
    • Content and Indexing
    • On-page/metadata analysis
    • Keyword ranking analysis
    • Internal link review
    • Backlinks audit

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