We’re long-term, future-thinking partners who constantly reach further, accomplish more and boost our client’s marketing ROI.

We’re in this together—but everyone always says that. We earn lasting loyalty by providing real-world results for our clients. We grow traffic, increase conversions, and, frankly, impress the hell out of folks when they engage anywhere in your digital ecosystem.

After seeing and experiencing the website redesign process with the team, it was a no-brainer for us to continue working with Gravitate on digital marketing and optimization. The team is so helpful and is always making suggestions on how we can continue to grow our online presence. I highly recommend any company consider a partnership with Gravitate and look forward to what our business will achieve with their guidance.


Drive more high-quality traffic through better search results

How do we boost ROI for our digital marketing clients? One crucial piece of the puzzle is driving more website traffic. Through a combination of paid, social, and organic SEO tactics tailored to each client’s goals, we significantly strengthen search results and put more eyeballs on our websites.

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BedMart is a locally-owned and operated family business with over 40 locations throughout Oregon, Southwest Washington, and Hawaii. With roots dating back to the early ’90s, Bedmart is also one of the few regional mattress chains remaining in the US—the rest are either national behemoths or mom-and-pop shops with a couple of locations.

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Transform traffic into customers

We diminish bounce-rates and exits. Hard-earned traffic is converted into customers as interested visitors experience our optimized, well-tested websites. Whether we’re building the site foundation or inheriting one—every client can see the direct impact of our proven CRO process and team of experts.

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For CariFree, Gravitate is proud to be far more than just a website developer. Our relationship began by overcoming a handful of urgent technical challenges and grew into our current, long-term partnership which—if we’re being honest—truly reflects the ideal client/agency relationship.

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