When Is Google PPC Right for You?

You want traffic and you want it now. If you’ve found yourself saying that recently, then Google PPC is right for you. Google Ads delivers traffic quickly by purchasing ad space on top of search result pages, for targeted keywords. To call out the elephant in the room, Google is still the number one search engine (by a long-shot) so we enjoy spending time there (but we still show Bing love, too!). Not only does Google Ads puts your website in front of your audience, it also allows you to A/B your keyword strategy which directly informs your SEO and content creation.

Google Ads Management

We can get you set up on Google Ads for the first time through keyword research, advertisement creation, and building landing pages. Alternatively, if you have experience in Google Ads, we can overhaul any existing underperforming campaigns to refocus on efficient PPC to increasing the volume of conversions—and ultimately boost your ROI. Each reporting cycle we jump into the numbers and analyze each campaign’s strengths and weaknesses to adapt or campaigns and investment recommendations accordingly.


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