Aequor (ae-quor) is an award-winning staffing company specializing in the healthcare industry. Founded in 1998, and thriving through a series of sharp acquisitions, Aequor helps nurses, therapists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals connect with meaningful job opportunities across the country. What started as a powerful online platform and personalized service, quickly became a top tool for the travel nursing industry as Aequor flourished and expanded to other healthcare specialties.

Website goals

For users, the website should expand Aequor’s value well beyond travel nursing, integrate seamlessly with the jobs platform, and communicate the same passion and sense of adventure many clinicians report feeling when they’re searching for a new job. For Aequor, the site should attract and convert a wider range of healthcare professionals and serve as the foundation for ongoing sales campaigns and content optimization. Okay, that’s the challenge in a nutshell. Let’s see how we did it.


Adapt and prioritize

As Aequor expanded its reach across healthcare and leaned into travel nursing even more, the entire industry was radically transformed by COVID-19. Connecting all types of clinicians to medical facilities became critical as staffing concerns climbed to new levels. The time to upgrade is now. Alright, so we expect a surge of new traffic, expanded audiences from acquisitions, and revised messaging goals as we dig into the analytics and competitor research. When we emerge, we’re cognizant of how folks are finding and researching Aequor and the types of content that resonate with each audience. The resulting website structure and targeted user journeys allow us to build experiences that communicate value effectively throughout each audience’s distinct funnel—from first impression to conversion.

We combined 5 domains amounting to over 1000 pages containing over 25,000 job listings.


A balanced design

With a foundation in place, the structure for featured pages and persuasive content ideas start to emerge as we wireframe UI elements and set a new visual direction. Using the website build as an opportunity to revitalize the Aequor brand, our team developed moodboards to communicate visual intent and wrapped the feedback into the initial page designs. As a result, the design balances educational content to guide wary first-timers with direct routes for savvy users to quickly search and apply for positions.


WorkLLama Integration

Now to build the thing. To give our clients the flexibility to easily create and manage content without drifting away from either the site framework or page designs, we supply a range of page templates loaded with versatile content building blocks—able to be stacked and rearranged. Part of the dev challenge was a custom API integration with a talent acquisition suite (WorkLLama). Working directly with the third party, we ensured the job listings and filtering systems were seamlessly integrated so potential applicants are ushered through their journey—from research to conversion—without knowing where the site stops and the API begins.

The Results: In the client’s words

Laura Walker from Aequor

We want to give everyone at Gravitate a huge shoutout and a major THANK YOU for the exceptional work you’ve done for us since day one! The sophistication of design and the superb professionalism of your team in providing excellent customer service is impressive. [...] You all have really captured and reflected who we are as a company and as a brand and we can’t wait to share the site with the world. We’re grateful to have Gravitate on our side as we continue to grow.

Laura Walker - Marketing Strategist

Ongoing Optimization

Considering the timing of the pandemic and eager to connect clinicians to healthcare facilities, Aequor pushed us to meet aggressive timelines knowing we will continue to optimize and track after launch. Following a successful launch, we got to work learning how folks are interacting with the site and making quick adjustments to improve SEO and usability. Keeping an eye on key pages and third party app engagement, we continue to support the Aequor team as they grow.

Our thoughts

It was a fun challenge to work with the Aequor and WorkLLama teams to implement a unique custom integration. WorkLlama developed a robust tool with a number of filtration options and we were pleased that we were able to support the full interaction from the website.

Brian Landi, Tech Lead

From kickoff to launch, I enjoyed working with the Aequor team on this redesign. While collaborating with the team, we worked together to showcase a sense of adventure for medical professionals looking for new staffing opportunities. The team at Aequor has been the perfect partner and I look forward to seeing leads grow through their new website!

Amy Koller, Account Manager