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    “We evaluated numerous web design and development firms and selected Gravitate because of their expertise in combining exceptional design with the latest web technologies in ways that delight users. The result is a website that embodies our brand and is a powerful tool to educate and convert sales opportunities. With their tireless work ethic and commitment to results, they’re more than a vendor. They’re an extension of my marketing team.”
    -Cameron Coles, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Skyhigh Networks

    Websites vs. web apps

    The end goals for designing web apps, whether they’re used by customers or internally, differ greatly from our website priorities. To oversimplify it, websites are for consumption, whereas apps are for interaction. Web apps see frequent use, require robust, intuitive functionality, and typically have only a single, specific focus. Websites, however, may only be visited once and have a very limited opportunity to make an impression. More often than not, websites are built to allow users to access information and to be funneled into conversion points, whereas web apps are used as a tool to specific tasks.

    It’s all about the U/I

    In app design, everything depends on the U/I. We design versatile, intuitive user interfaces that focus solely on the end user’s emotional connection to the application. All too often, web apps and software present the users with all the tools that will ever be needed—all simultaneously through dense menus, ribbons, drop-downs, and so on. Think of it like comparing Microsoft Word to Photoshop. Open Word and you’ll see every tool, at your disposal, ready to use. However, open Photoshop (or any of Adobes CS Suite apps in fact) and you’re presented with only relevant information, ordered for your particular task.

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