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    This week I attended Portland State University’s Digital Marketing Conference (#psudmc). While listening to the last keynote speaker, I noticed that he had his digital identity tag on each of the slides of his presentation. I was very glad to see that, as I had tweeted that very idea for other speakers that didn’t think to do it. (Doing so just makes it easier for your audience to do cyber shout-outs on the go.)

    Well, I’m literally tweeting quotes as they happen, getting a strong RT (retweets) for silly stuff like classic quotes like “Raise your geek flag”. I’m reading the slides and happy to add to all tweets the keynote speaker’s digital id.

    Then I get to the last slide. Wow.

    See the last slide had a different font. Despite sitting in the front row, the slide was borderline incomprehensible.

    Note to self: If you promote, use a readable font…that reads well from the back of the room, the deep back of the room where it’s dark and people sit by the door so they can leave first type of seats…you know, where people whisper too loud and have to take it out to the hallway. There, and only there, will you find a connection via social networks with your live audience. Without this one valuable maneuver, all life to social networks will simply be digital noise with no purpose, no SEO juice and less of a social fun fulfilled life.