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    [Update]: We have condensed the 3 separate categories into one ‘funny’ category, as well as, extended the submission deadline until July 3rd.

    Let the games begin! Today kicks off Gravitate’s Memefest 2013 . The Gravitate’s Memefest 2013 is a week long meme competition to find the best digital marketing memes posted on Facebook or Twitter. The top 3 winners for the funniest memes will be awarded a $25 Amazon gift card a piece. Details of the contest are below.

    How to Play

    • You may submit a digital marketing meme you found, or create your best digital marketing meme or memes (as many as you want). We suggest using MemeGenerator or ImgFlip to create your meme
    • Post your memes with the hashtag #memefest on Facebook and/or Twitter
    • Meme submissions must be work appropriate
    • Make sure you submit your meme on or before July 3rd


    All memes submitted through Twitter or Facebook using the #memefest hashtag will be judged by our panel of meme experts. Submission deadline ends July 3rd. The winners will be revealed on July 5th and the 3 winning memes will appear on our blog.

    …and may the odds be ever in your favor. Please post any questions or comments below about contest details.

    Here are some of our memes for inspiration!

    JG Image    Hashtags Buzz Meme    LinkBuildingMeme