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    We take pride in our growth at Gravitate. So when it comes time to introduce new team members, excuse us for getting a little excited.

    But a warning is in order: if you’re the type who slaps “No Californians” stickers on ‘For Sale’ signs here in the Pacific Northwest, you may want to stop reading now.

    Without further ado, meet Sunny Huynh, a designer, born in Monterey Park, California; Dana Lacefield, an account manager, born in Newport Beach, California; and Will Ashworth, a developer, also born in Newport Beach, California.

    It wasn’t enough for Dana and Will to share the same birthplace—they were born at the same hospital, too.

    Once you’re willing to forgive their California-ness, you’ll come to see they’re just like the rest of us. At least that’s what we thought before we took them out for coffee on a chilly fall morning under overcast skies. It was the sort of perfectly brisk morning that begs for a hot cup of coffee. Dana and Will, though, separately stepped up to the counter and ordered cold brew coffees. And there they stood, sitting outside, in the cold, with cold-brew coffees. What other twisted creatures did that hospital in Newport Beach create?

    Questionable coffee orders aside, we believe in the immense talent and expertise this group offers our clients. We quizzed them on a few of their favorite things to give you a little insight into these genuinely interesting people.

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    Best Instagram Follow: @katsuyaterada

    terra’s Black Marker 2 solo show at Hidari Zingaro 8/29 start

    A photo posted by Terada Katsuya (@katsuyaterada) on

      Terada Katsuya is a Japanese illustrator known as The Doodle King. Sunny took a liking to him in after discovering one of his books, and he recently attended one of his shows in Tokyo.

    Best Twitter Follow: @chriscoyier


    Will’s pick is a must-follow not just for developers, but for anyone who works on the web: Chris Coyier is the man behind CSS Tricks, CodePen, and the podcast ShopTalk Show.

    Best Road Trip Music: The Boss

    Dana’s favorite road trip music is Bruce Springsteen. Will is most likely to listen to Citizen Radio. Sunny? He’s “usually asleep” if he’s on a road trip.

    Best Card Game: Magic The Gathering

    Will is a big fan of Magic: The Gathering. Good news for him: he’s not alone at Gravitate.

    Best HBO Show: The Wire

    Dana’s favorite HBO show is The Wire.

    Best Bowling Score: 205

    Will is the best bowler of the bunch, but he’s already been humbled by co-workers on Gravitate bowling night.

    Best Vacation: From Milan to Tokyo

    Sunny knows how to vacation: his whirlwind trip took him from Milan to Florence through Austria and to Tokyo.