This post is for anyone who works with or helps others work with Google Analytics.

What do (not set) and (not provided) mean?


We get this question all the time. Hopefully you can use this as a reference in case you forget or someone asks you for an explanation.

(Not Provided) = Organic visits from a keyword search

In 2011 Google switched to a secure server (https) which encrypts search results. Meaning anytime you’re logged into Google (i.e. Gmail, Calendar or YouTube) your searches become protected – Leaving all keyword data as (not provided) in Google Analytics.

We’re noticing most accounts have more than 50% of all keyword information replaced with (not provided).

(Not Set) = A direct visit or a referral from another site

This is a little more complicated, but basically refers to a catch-all for information Google Analytics wasn’t able to identify.

For example, if you see landing page = (not set), it probably means that session didn’t have a page or screen view. The session could have been triggered an Event or an E-commerce hit type. Read this post to learn more about sessions, events and E-commerce hit types.

For more information on (not set) and (not provided) visit this forum from the Google Support Team.

Leave us a comment below, I’d love to hear how high your (not provided) keyword information has reached.

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