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    SEO-data: Actionable Intelligence
    Your web presence is more precarious than you might think. If you’re not on page one of the search results, your chances of being found by your target audience diminishes rapidly. Even from the top of page one to the bottom you start slipping out of sight.

    You need to be on page one!

    SEO is all about harvesting and analyzing data. The nuts and bolts of making changes to your website that get you to the top of the search results are child’s play next to the problem of gathering the right data to know which changes to make.

    As Avinash Kaushik, the web analyst, reminds us constantly, our problem is not that we don’t have enough data or intelligence to do business—we have TOO MUCH!

    What is actionable intelligence?

    The road sign above is a simplified analog to what SEO specialists confront every day with data. The sign is shouting useless information at the reader and the most important data might get you killed if you ignore it.

    Same with SEO. If you are gathering and acting on useless information to optimize your website, you could get killed in the search rankings.

    So how do you get the right intelligence?

    Out of the mountains of data that can be gathered about your website and that of your competitors, you must be able to focus on actionable intelligence: that data which points directly to the actions you must take to move your rankings higher.

    The sign of the times in SEO points to automation. It’s no longer possible to do effective data mining and analysis by manual means. There is too much data and too little time.

    SEO Automation

    Manual data mining for SEO involves the use of a dozen tools or more that are spread all over the web. They aren’t correlated with each other and they don’t, by themselves, produce actionable intelligence. That has always been the province of the specialist after the data has been gathered.

    Automation let’s us design and test specific data gathering and parsing functions that makes it easier for a specialist to see the actionable intelligence and…well…act on it.

    This doesn’t just speed up the process for us, the SEO specialists. It means we can gather and act on more specific information that produces results more quickly. Over time, we can also be more specific about what content to add to the website and which new keywords to target.

    Gravitate SEO takes it to the streets

    To save our sanity and stay current with the industry, Gravitate SEO is developing its own proprietary tools for data mining, analysis, and client reporting. It’s already making a huge difference in how we approach the work on our own website. Like many businesses, taking care of clients means we have at times ignored this website. Now we’re treating this site like any client site and using it as a test case to develop our new automated toolbox.

    In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be reporting on our progress back to the top of the rankings, where we’ve been for years. We’ll also be offering tips and tricks that you can consider for your own business or non-profit website. Subscribe to our RSS feed and come along for the ride. We’ll make sure to warn you of any bridges that are out.