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    What Type Do You Love?

    With the start of college football season bringing September in, it only seemed appropriate that Gravitate graphic designer, and college football fanatic, Melanie Graham, should pick this month’s typeface.

    It has been said, If Gravitate were a gang of ragtag bank thieves, Melanie would be the fast-talking, cigar-chomping safecracker from the streets with a heart of gold. Since we’ve all given up a life of crime, Melanie shines as one of our most talented Designers, transforming worn out designs, logos, and branding with practiced ease.

    Mel’s Pick This Month…

    Neutraface Slab is a geometric slab serif designed by Christian Schwartz for House Industries. It can be difficult to find a “breathable” slab serif, but the linear geometry and open nature of this typeface renders a reading experience that’s easy on eyes… even if it’s bold italic. A personal favorite would be the display lightweight – it feels chic yet personable, as if I’m rocking a pair of green Kate Spade heels while cuddling with a pair of puppies.

    The original san serif version was influenced by Richard Neutra, a modernist architect known for his progressive use of open space geometric forms. While designing the typeface over a period of a year, Schwartz partnered with Neutra’s son, Dion Neutra, to draw inspiration from signs and buildings designed by his father. Neutraface Slab was released in 2009 with a healthy array of both display and text weights.

    Gravitate Typeface pick of the month: Neutraface Slab