The trade show was a success. You’ve collected dozens of business cards, handed out hundreds of flyers and shook thousands of hands. What’s next? Well, only the most challenging part: How do you keep your firm at the front of potential customers’ minds?

With content.

Handshakes, business cards, and brochures are great, but the industry is shifting. The target audience is a younger demographic consuming information from multiple channels and on multiple devices. Sure, C-suites may have the final sign off but as of March of 2015, 46% of B2B researchers are millennials who grew up consuming mass-produced content.

So, you have to ask yourself a question, what type of website does your construction firm have? A website to house your contact information and a list of services or a website that is a solid marketing platform with targeted messages based on your audience needs, questions, and goals?

Why Do I need to Have More Content on My Website?

Considering that 90% of B2B buyers favor companies that provide content to help build a business case for the purchase, your website needs to be the hub of your content that is easy to navigate with information presented in visually engaging ways. If that isn’t enough of a reason, here are three additional reasons why your website needs fresh content to improve its performance and the performance of your business.

Three Reasons Why You Need Fresh Content

1. Increase Brand Authority to Attract Leads

Being the leader in your industry is always the dream, but how does your firm stand out in the 150+ million search results for your targeted keywords? By creating search-friendly, unique, and valuable content.

Content shows knowledge, knowledge is power, and power is an authority.

By investing in content and frequently publishing it to your website your building authority on Google and with your audience. Start by creating content that isn’t focused on your brand such as answering common industry questions, showcasing your expertise in a specific industry, or sharing information only a seasoned contractor would know.

This content helps your audience discover your brand because 71% of B2B researchers start online with a generic search (for example “construction contractors for schools”). Additionally, by sharing the knowledge you’re building trust and increasing the chances of starting a conversation.

According to a study by Demand Gen, the type of content your audience will find most valuable is:

  • Relevant content that speaks directly to their company
  • Vendor-focused content (e.g. case studies, product data sheets)
  • Easily accessible content (no long forms)
  • Relevance of your website speaking directly to their industry
  • Thought leadership content (white papers, infographics)

2. Increase Authority of Brand to Attract Recruits

Content also speaks to potential employees. By using case studies, product data sheets, white papers, and infographics you are demonstrating the level of knowledge and overall, authority your firm has in the industry. This content can still be valuable for potential employees, but there is other content your firm can produce that speaks to company culture and environment that inspire recruit to take that extra step and contact, such as:

  • Employee profiles
  • Company updates
  • Community involvement
  • A typical day in the life
  • Employee stories
  • Perks

3. More Content = More Keywords

When you create more pages on your construction website, you are increasing the opportunity to rank for additional keywords. By frequently adding content to your site via your blog, gateways, landing pages, etc., you can ensure each page is targeted to a popular search term or phrase. Not to mention, search engines eat up fresh content.

However, it isn’t as simple as just creating a page and stuffing it with keywords. The content on the page must be unique, informative, and valuable. Search engines determine a page is valuable if it is generating more links from 3rd party websites. This is because of links from a 3rd party website show trust in your website and the content it hosts. The more trust other websites have on your website, the more trust search engines will put into your website.

Ideally, these links will continue to grow over time and not happen all at once. The continual growth links hold more weight with search engines and new links count as fresh content.

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