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    Targeting Your Audience Based on Location

    Need a way to discover where your audience is? Geotargeting (or geolocation) can help. Geolocation allows you to serve up specific content to your audience based on their location, with their consent of course.

    This can be useful for your website if your business has many locations and you want to quickly serve up the closest location. We’ve used this for many industries including our medical website designs, and credit union website designs.

    Getting the Most From Geotargeting

    Your audience’s location can play an important part when creating a personable marketing campaign or website experience, and we know a few ways we can use it to help our clients.

    Our team can help identify specific locations where your audience may have a specific needs, and serve up mobile ads (text, banners, etc) to them advertising your business. We can build a website that will dynamically show content once the user approves to share their location creating a personable website experience automatically.

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