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Are you ready to propel your Edtech business to new heights? Look no further than our specialized educational marketing services. Navigating the complexities of Edtech marketing can be overwhelming. With various stakeholders and intense competition, it’s easy to feel lost. We understand these pain points intimately, and we’re equipped to tackle them head-on. Our team stays on top of industry trends and the ever-changing digital landscape, so we can help turbocharge your growth and help you achieve unparalleled success in the competitive Edtech industry.

  • Proven Edtech marketing strategies: Our strategies are tried, tested, and optimized for the Edtech sector. We know what works and how to make it work for you.
  • Gain industry-wide recognition: Stand out in a crowded Edtech market. Our approach not only elevates your brand but also positions you as an industry leader. Gain the recognition you deserve.
  • Boost customer engagement: Engaging your audience is at the core of what we do. We craft compelling campaigns that resonate with your target users, fostering meaningful interactions that translate into loyal customers.
  • Scale up faster than ever before: The Edtech landscape moves fast, and so do we. Partnering with us means leveraging our expertise to scale up your operations swiftly and efficiently, leaving competitors behind.
  • Maximize ROI from marketing investments: Your investments matter. Our strategies are geared towards maximizing your return on investment. Experience substantial growth without unnecessary budget waste.
Who We Serve:

Aligning Our Edtech Strategies with Your Needs

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we tailor our approach to address the challenges and aspirations specific to Edtech companies, universities, K-12 schools, online platforms, and training institutions. Your success is our priority, and we’re here to craft strategies that drive meaningful results.

Edtech companies

For Edtech companies, innovation is the name of the game. We collaborate with startups and established players alike to craft dynamic marketing strategies that showcase your solutions. From app launches to brand positioning, we’re here to amplify your reach and attract the attention you deserve.

Universities & Colleges

Higher education institutions require sophisticated marketing approaches. Our tailored strategies for universities and colleges focus on showcasing your research-backed solutions. We craft narratives that capture the essence of your platform, appealing to prospective students, faculty, and stakeholders.

K-12 & Private Schools

From kindergarten to high school, we understand the importance of building trust among parents, students, and educators. Our strategies for K-12 and private schools emphasize your commitment to quality education, safety, and holistic development. We highlight your unique offerings, helping you stand out in a competitive educational landscape.

Online Education Platforms

In the digital age, online education platforms play a pivotal role in democratizing learning. Our strategies for online education platforms focus on user experience, accessibility, and the transformative power of remote learning. We communicate the convenience and flexibility your platform offers, attracting both students and instructors.

Training Institutions & Centers

Training institutions and centers play a vital role in upskilling the workforce. Our strategies highlight the practical benefits of your programs, showcasing how you bridge the gap between education and industry demands. We connect with professionals seeking continuous learning, positioning your institution as a catalyst for career advancement.

Our Comprehensive Edtech Marketing Services
(That Get Results)

Tailored Edtech Marketing Strategy

Educational Content Marketing

Educational content is at the core of effective Edtech marketing. Our team of experienced content creators, crafts informative, authoritative, and engaging blog posts, articles, and resources. We blend your industry insights with SEO best practices to create content that resonates with educators, administrators, and learners.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In a digital world, visibility is paramount. Our SEO strategies are rooted in deep keyword research and a thorough understanding of the Edtech landscape. We optimize your website to rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that when educators, students, or decision-makers search for relevant topics, your brand stands out.

Paid Social & PPC Advertising

Expand your reach and find new prospective customers with targeted advertising campaigns on social media and search engines. We craft campaigns that target new and returning customers to amplify your brand at each stage of the marketing funnel and drive results.

Lead Generation

Converting traffic and brand awareness into action is where lead generation comes in. Our strategies involve creating effective lead magnets, optimizing landing pages and remarketing campaigns to turn interest into warm prospects.

Custom Edtech Web Design

Your website is your 24-hour salesperson. In the Edtech space, building a reliable, functional website that can shift and grow with business needs is a must. Our web design specialists build sites that create an extraordinary end-to-end user experiences to best serve you and your customers.


Watermark is a giant (and pioneer) in the EdTech industry and as the company grows and its portfolio expands Gravitate has been along for the ride working to build websites that reflect Watermark’s constantly shifting value and offerings while continually optimizing user experience and conversion rates.

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Why Partner with Gravitate?

Your Trusted Partner in Edtech Marketing

At Gravitate, we don’t just offer marketing services; we craft strategic solutions tailored to your Edtech aspirations. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to understand your needs, industry intricacies, and objectives, translating them into tangible outcomes that drive growth.

Full-service edtech agency

We’re not limited to a single facet of marketing. Gravitate is a full-service Edtech agency, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cover every aspect of your marketing journey. From content creation to SEO, paid ad management  and more, we’re your one-stop solution.

Seamless and scalable edtech services

As your company expands, so do our services. Our scalability ensures that whether you’re a startup or an established player, our strategies align with your growth trajectory. We’re here to support you at every stage of your Edtech journey.

Data-driven decision-making

In the dynamic Edtech landscape, data is the compass that guides success. Gravitate harnesses the power of data to inform our strategies. We analyze insights, track trends, and adapt our approach based on real-time data, ensuring your marketing efforts yield maximum impact.

Tailored campaign strategies

Your Edtech brand is unique, and so should be your marketing strategy. Gravitate crafts campaigns that resonate with your audience, encapsulating your brand essence and goals. Our tailored approach ensures that your marketing speaks directly to those who matter most.

Experience in Edtech marketing.

Experience matters, especially in the nuanced world of Edtech. Gravitate boasts nearly a decade of dedicated experience in Edtech marketing. Our industry insights, combined with our passion for innovation, make us your seasoned partner in achieving and surpassing your marketing objectives.

EdTech Frequently Asked Questions

EdTech (short of Educational Technology) is the use of tech tools for better learning, like online platforms, VR, and digital resources. It boosts educational access, engagement and personalized learning.

EdTech marketing is crucial to reach educators and institutions and to showcase how tech solutions enhance education. Effective marketing drives adoption, communicates benefits, builds trust, and fosters innovation in the rapidly evolving educational landscape.

EdTech marketing agencies bring expertise in reaching educators and learners, crafting compelling messages, and optimizing strategies for effective solution promotion.

When partnering with Gravitate for your digital marketing needs, you can anticipate substantial results that align with your business goals. Our expertise drives visibility, traffic, and authority. We provide valuable insights using industry examples, statistics, and opinions from our own experience, making the information easily digestible for our audience.

We gauge EdTech marketing success through actionable metrics like increased user engagement, demo requests, and brand authority. Our approach blends industry expertise with clear communication, driving measurable growth for our clients.

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