Recognizing the Opportunity

To remain relevant to both your users and search engines you must establish and maintain an online presence. The problem is there are many different digital marketing channels to choose from (and more trending in and out of popularity every day). How does your business decide which channels to invest in and how do you measure a campaign’s success?

We balance your business goals, your budget, and available resources to identify marketing potential channels to attack independently or as part of an overall digital marketing campaign. We provide a comprehensive plan to not only establish your company’s authority through separate channels, but also recommendations to keep your channel fresh including budget recommendations for paid ads, content/email calendars, and social media.

Identify and Recommend

For starters, we need to become familiar your current effort (or lack thereof). Whether your business is B2B or B2C—or whether you want to go after everything (omnichannel) or only a few markets (multichannel)—we research and identify specific marketing channels capable of delivering the best ROI.

Bring It to Life

Now that we understand your goals and where your business needs to be, let us help you create and execute a content plan that utilizes each targeted channel. Short on writers and designers? We can also help create and manage content on a regular basis for your marketing team. Not only does our content align perfectly with our strategic recommendations, but we’re also removed just enough from your business to allow us to take an objective stance and focus on the needs and priorities of your customers.

Ongoing Analysis and Optimization

Our channel analysis is an ongoing effort that benchmarks where you currently and continually monitors and identifies opportunities to increase engagement. We routinely audit your channel efforts and opportunities to discover untapped potential or improved upon current campaigns. Throughout your channel campaigns, we use a variety of tools to measure content performance and value—including our own proprietary tool to measure content ROI, built from the ground up.


Ready to start a project or really curious about our process?

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