Content and Editorial Calendars

Creating and sharing great content is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. Regardless if you’re focused on SEO, social media, or email marketing—each campaign should contain a content plan comprised of strategies for content creation and curation, as well as an extensive editorial and content calendar.

The editorial calendar is high-level annual plan which highlights overarching themes, timely opportunities, and general content direction. Content calendars are used in concert with editorial calendars to not only outline a schedule for specific campaign content, but also track the status and progress of content on a weekly basis.

SEO Content Calendars

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t a magic language hidden on web pages to trick the search bots. Well, at least not anymore. Successful SEO takes time, meticulous maintenance, and most of all—a ton of quality content. Whether we’re creating the content for you or setting your team up for success, our content calendars are packed with SEO benchmarks. Following the guidelines results in content that is not only valuable to your audience but rich in both target keywords and semantic language to rank above your competitors in search engines.

Social Media Content Calendars

Social media content needs to capture your audience’s attention and deliver a message quickly. This “quick-hit” content has been proven to reach and engage audiences—and you know that—but the problem is always scrambling to keep up with the beast and find something to share. Social media calendars schedules posts months in advance that correlate to current content campaigns, product releases, and other marketing efforts. That prepares even the greenest marketers with a baseline of preloaded content so they can worry more about actively engaging and responding to your audience rather than creating fresh content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Email Content Calendars

Email marketing campaigns can seem simple—but if you’ve ever tried to juggle multiple campaigns, properly segment your lists, and effectively analyze open and click-through rates to make informed changes—you know it’s anything but easy. Email marketing and content calendars require a keen eye for detail and is often piled on marketers as just another part of the job. The fact is, email campaigns that are done right and think “out of the box” are a huge opportunity for any business with a decent subscribership. We build email marketing campaigns and calendars that drive, track, and respond to your audience’s behavior—playing directly off of your current content marketing efforts.


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