What is UX?

We admit it: The term user experience (UX) is a trendy blanket term that has been constantly used but rarely defined as it has grown from buzzword to brass tacks. It’s easy to see why the label has slipped into such a nebulous usage, Talking about UX can be a bit like looking at an inkblot test: Whatever matters the most to you ends up being what you see.

In the context of our process, “user experience” is a general term that describes not only the professional practice but also the resulting outcome. As the Internet has become more integrated into our lives over the years, UX has shifted from simply avoiding errors and dead ends to practicing a set of methods and techniques to research what users need and want and then designing an experience (whether it is print, digital, physical, or a combination thereof).

Our UX Toolbelt

UX allows us to craft the overall effect created by the interactions and perceptions someone has when using a product or service. It can evoke strong emotions, including hatred, love, or, dare we say, delight. Since we conduct so much of our lives through technology, how easy or difficult that technology is to use is what really matters. That’s what UX is all about.

Our UX builds on a foundation of usability and, depending on the project, layers in some of the following deliverables:

  • Persona research and creation
  • Survey creation and analyses
  • Card sorts
  • Heuristic reviews and mark-up
  • Focus group findings
  • Competitive audits
  • Content audits and inventories
  • Content analyses
  •  Journey maps
  • Workflows
  • Storyboards
  • Sitemaps
  • Taxonomies
  • User testing
  • Prototyping


Ready to start a project or really curious about our process?

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