Bullhorn, Inc. is the global leader in software for the staffing and recruitment industry. Staffing companies ranging from startups to the world’s largest enterprises rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to power their personnel processes from start to finish.

With over 20 years of experience, a number of smart acquisitions, and continually raising the bar with platform innovations; it was time the website reflected Bullhorn’s true supremacy in the recruitment industry.

How We Helped

Let’s face it, the recruiting lifecycle is complex. Companies are searching for simplicity—one system, one source of truth—a capable central hub for the entire staffing process. After years of acquisitions and piecemealed web updates, Bullhorn’s marketing website was left bloated, unfocused, and not nearly indicative of their highly-desirable, intuitive platform.

Let’s tear it all down, see what’s working (both analytically and anecdotally), and build a fresh site that exhibits both the company expertise and platform value to potential customers with a range of problems to solve.


Organize complexity

Bullhorn had created thousands upon thousands of pages spread across eight international websites. While most pages ranked decently, they converted miserably. Vast, aimless content that neither communicate Bullhorn’s global authority nor convince users to sign up for a demo. Time to get to work. Armed with analytics and countless Zoom meetings with stakeholders, customers, and product teams, we developed and tested a plan for information architecture that balances user experience, content strategy, growth goals, SEO, and conversion rate optimization.


Bring the strategy to life

With a solid foundation in place, we began to prioritize on-page messages and track potential journeys from first impression to conversion. Wireframes and userflows allow consideration for each Bullhorn touchpoint as users progress through the pipeline, reducing content redundancies and communicating efficiently and effectively.


Lighting the way

As key pages and compelling content blocks begin to take shape, we started to work closely with Bullhorn’s talented creative team to use the website as an opportunity to revitalize the visual brand. Bullhorn’s rapid growth had left little room for marketing exploration so we took our time scrutinizing colors, patterns, image treatments, and more. The result is a polished website aesthetic that truly represents revitalized brand guidelines and serves as a beacon to lead the visual direction of all future marketing materials, both online and off.


Back-end building blocks

Page templates and versatile content building blocks—able to be stacked and rearranged—give our clients’ marketing teams the power to easily create and manage content without drifting away from either the site framework or the page design. For Bullhorn, with eight regional multisites (all with their own product sets, resources, marketplace, etc.) we spent our time building a robust, flexible back-end experience that allows quick, branded content creation; nested intuitively, and ranking immediately.

Testing and Launch

As we approached launch, we built out over 12,000 pages and posts across all eight global multisites. Teams added content, tested functionality, and optimized for loading speed while designers worked to polish subtle aesthetics and refine image selections. We’ll admit, it was a Sisyphean task at times to wrangle the network of people and spreadsheets surrounding Bullhorn’s content entry, but everyone pulled through. The result is a colossal, yet inviting website able to guide customers through anything from large-scale solutions down to specific pain points—all while truly reflecting Bullhorn’s dominance in the recruitment industry.

Our Thoughts

It really took the whole team to bring the rich set of features, regional sites, and new design to life. It was great to see Bullhorn and Gravitate work together to make this awesome new site a reality.

Brian Landi, VP of Engineering

It was inspiring to see our team mesh with Bullhorn's to deliver such an expansive redesign. Alex and Colleen pulled off a truly herculean task bringing so many people together on this project and I'm glad I got to be a part of it!

Joel Adams, Web Engineer
Colleen Pyle headshot

After years of acquisitions and piecemealed web updates, it was evident to the Bullhorn team that their website user experience was incongruous with the level of innovation and expertise their platform is synonymous with. I’m hugely proud of the solutions and of the collaboration between these large teams across many-a-Zoom call. We worked intently with their in-house creative team to vet ideas for information architecture across their international team of stakeholders, product teams, and customers. The site today is reflective of our north star in approaching projects wrought with complexity: strategy first!

Colleen Pyle, VP of Client Experience