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By Heather Blackwell


By Heather Blackwell - Published

Facebook Timeline: Your Entire Life Story on One Page

Announcing a milestone. The mundane details of a daily routine. Post-doctor-appointment overshares. Facebook has become the place to share everything.

At the F8 Developer’s Conference in September, Facebook announced how it will take our obsession for leaving a digital trail behind us to the next level. Enter Timeline: A visual chronicle of every status update, photo, comment, or “like” put on Facebook since the moment we first signed up. It will also give us the ability to add events in retrospect. I can’t wait to upload my second grade ballet recital! Not.

Over 1.5 million users have already signed up for Timeline even though an official launch date has yet to be announced. As with past overhauls, Facebook is still sorting out programming bugs and legal troubles. Still, many speculate that Timeline will eventually become the only option for a Facebook profile.

Now please excuse me while I search for Saturday night (circa 2008) posts to delete.

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