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We’re a nationally recognized web design company with a targeted local presence. What does that mean for you? Your site is expertly designed and marketed by professionals who are wizards when it comes to turning users into raving fanatics and generating consistent leads for your business.

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“Gravitate went above and beyond my expectations. They worked with us to understand our needs and the experience of our users. They not only built a site that serves our purpose, they worked creatively to address our needs in a way that is visually appealing on the front-end, and easy to manage on the back-end. We will be coming back to them for future web development projects and support.”

– Anna Lugosch-Ecker, Director of Group Travel, Rustic Pathways

Interactive Design

We dive deep into your company in order to produce a design that concisely relays value to the user and tells your company’s story. We produce beautiful, memorable designs that are dirt-simple to use.

Digital Marketing

Our data-obsessed DM team analyzes raw numbers generated through extensive research to produce actionable reports and strategies for you that we’ll implement at precise times in order to exceed your online marketing goals.

Custom Development

Gravitate is staffed with seasoned, savvy developers who can not only breathe life into a design but can also recommend functionality and solutions that get you the most bang for your buck.

Customer Support

With a satisfaction rating of over 95%, our support team listens, makes recommendations, and reacts quickly—completing most updates and fixes within 24 hours. We have in-house hosting gurus who can troubleshoot and maintain your site, whether it is hosted on our servers or housed with a third party.

Commonly Served Industries

Over the past 13 years we’ve worked with many companies, of all shapes and sizes. Some of our most commonly served industries include:

  • Non-Profit
  • Construction
  • B2B
  • Start-Ups

Who we are

Gravitate is a full service, in-house digital marketing and design agency with over 13 years of experience in the creative industry. We develop integrated marketing solutions that drive business and boost revenue. We don’t need to outsource your work overseas or to robots. We are real people, with a real passion for what we do – see for yourself.

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Negative Keywords 101: Optimizing Your Adwords Performance

An effective way, in addition to geotargeting, to target your audience with Google Adwords and your PPC campaign is building a negative keyword list. A negative keyword list is simply a list of keywords that you don’t want to bid on. Common negative keywords include terms like “free” or adult related search terms.

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Do Not Use Google Smart Goals

Google rolled out another new feature in December 2015 called “Smart Goals” that was aimed at helping to improve conversion tracking. Now that users have had a few months to learn it and form an educated opinion, it’s clear that Smart Goals is even more useless than “Active Users.” Google’s Inside AdWords blog pitches Smart…

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In the not-too-distant past, all the embedded forms available to us only came with their own landing pages or embedded iframes. Unfortunately, neither option allowed complete control of how the form was displayed. To make matters worse, since the advent of responsive design in 2010, things like iframes make most people in the web industry shudder a…

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Signs You’re Ready to Start a Website Project

No matter the industry, we’ve noticed that client preparation plays an enormous role in the efficiency and success of website projects. Here are some signs you’re ready to start your website project.

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