Let’s talk lead Gen.

Lead generation is a necessary part of any company. It not only gives you user information but it creates an easy way to start a conversation. So if you’re looking for simple lead generation strategies, you’ve come to the right place.

Top-of-funnel assets are a must.

At the end of the day, all companies want buyers, but the likelihood of seeing your “buy this” or “request a demo” ad and converting is low. So instead, offer them something valuable. For B2B companies, offering a whitepaper or watching a webinar is a great way to build a reputation of being a thought leader and a good beginning of a relationship – the first touchpoint. For B2C, show them all the cool stuff they can get if they join your email list, like sales, coupons and exclusive deals.

Gathering emails in both worlds allows for easier remarketing, think email drip campaigns and contact uploads for social campaigns. The more they see you, the quicker they will move down the funnel to the ultimate goal: giving you their money.

Write all the (relevant) blogs.

Why should my company write blogs? The average click-through rate on a Google ad is about 3%, so where are the other 97% going for something? To organic hits sounds simple, but it takes some work.

For example, we’re writing this blog to help you, but it’s also self-serving – it’s so you find us. Our SEO team does monthly keyword research to keep up with the changing landscape of what people are interested in. Turns out, lots of people are researching lead generation tactics, so here we are – and hey, it worked! Now you know who we are, and we have given you some helpful information. So in the future, if you’re looking for an agency for all of your digital marketing needs, you’ll think of us.


Utilize on-platform lead generation forms.

To create an effective, paid, lead generation campaign, the most important thing is to keep people on the platform. So, if you’re B2B, use LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms, and if you’re B2C, use Meta lead ads. These ads integrate with your CRM and can download easily.

Lead generation on the platform is great because it has a significantly higher conversion rate, around 13%, than website conversions (less than 3%). It is designed to be simple. Almost everything is prefilled (if the work is already done people are less likely to opt-out), and they don’t have to leave the platform. Believe it or not, most people don’t go on social media to look for ads they’re interested in – so make it super easy for them to convert and give you their info.

Google Ads can help you stand out next to competitors.

Another great lead generation strategy is to target your competitors. Create low-budget Google Ad campaigns dedicated to your competitor’s names. For example, if you’re a startup SaaS company, new to the game, you want people to know who you are; this allows your name to be associated with the big hitters of your industry. Use the opportunity to create a landing page with clear call to actions like requesting a demo, that’s the big one, but also an asset of some sort, like a gated white paper. They might not be ready to talk to a salesperson, but they will give you their email to access something informative and relevant.

TLDR; There are many other ways to create effective lead generation campaigns, but if you don’t feel like getting down and dirty in the marketing world, we know a great agency that would love to do it for you. 😉