Content marketing is important for the growth of any business, but it’s crucial for nonprofits. It’s one of the most cost-effective tactics to get the word out about your mission and inspire people to take action. Traditional marketing, like advertising or direct mailers, can be expensive, so utilizing content marketing can save you money while also being a long term investment that keeps rewarding your efforts. Sure, it takes time and effort to create quality content, but it will live on long after it’s been created and can be reused in a multitude of ways.


Chances are your organization is probably already doing some form of content marketing. According to Content Marketing Institute, 92 percent of nonprofits use content marketing. Content marketing is creating and distributing valuable and relevant ideas and updates to an audience. If you have a website, blog, newsletter, or social media presence —you’re on the right track. But are you doing all you can to really connect with your audience? If you have a good plan in place, your content marketing can greatly impact your organization’s growth and revenue.

How can content marketing help nonprofits grow?

An effective content marketing strategy will increase your organization’s visibility to potential donors and lead to an increase in donations, subscribers, and advocates.  It can help clearly tell your story, explain your cause or mission, and help rally your supporters. It also helps users understand the best ways to get involved with your nonprofit.

One of the simplest and most effective content marketing tactics is to pull at the heartstrings. You want them emotionally connected to your work so they can take action. Engage with your users by telling stories and inspiring them to act. Be creative in the language you use and how you present information. When your content is interesting, visitors are more likely to come back to your site and be willing to help your cause.

Messaging Refresh

Use more images and video to tell your story.
People still read, but images and video can evoke real emotion for your visitors. A great example is Doctors of the World. They use images to tell their story and show how they help people around the world. They also use video on the homepage to inform visitors about the impact of global health issues, currently Covid-19, and how the poor and vulnerable are impacted the most.


Newsletter signups

Highlight your calls-to-action.
Don’t be like those other nonprofits that are hopeful and passive. Your newsletter can be a powerful tool in getting more donors and supporters. Be more forceful in the content around your newsletter sign up and make the content around it inspiring or motivational for people to give you their information. An example is Pioneers in Skirts. They don’t just ask for you to sign up, they’ve given you a call to action to “Be Activated!”


Donation pages

Show where the money goes.
People know they are donating to your cause, but do they know how their gift really makes an impact? Check out Operation Warm’s donation page and how they clearly state what your $20, $100, or $1000 will do for those in need. They also display the organization’s funding goals and how close they are to achieving it. A bonus is the donor feed, that tells us who has been supporting. It shows a sense of community for the donors.


Keep it fresh with a variety of topics.
When thinking about the content for your blog, think about different ways to connect with your visitors. It doesn’t always need to be news alerts on how your nonprofit is making the world a better place. You should also highlight those you’re helping and the generous supporters/volunteers that make your organization run. Depending on your organization, also consider helpful tips and stories that inspire. Take a look at All Hands and Hearts. They’ve created a “photo-blog” that really shows the work they are doing, and the people on the ground that help build after a disaster. They also include helpful tips for keeping you safe during a disaster.