More often than not, the written content of a website takes a backseat to an eye-catching design or slick functionality. Let’s face it: the way a website looks and feels are much more immediately apparent than fine-tuned, persuasive copy. At first glance, a couple of paragraphs simply look like words on a page: “Yep, those are words,” you may say to yourself as you click on to something else.

Let’s be honest, if the design sucks or the site is broken, nobody will even come close to reading that targeted, compelling prose on the “About” page.

With that in mind, and the fact that it’s a challenge to get people to read anything online, web copy is constantly devalued and thought of as a bonus service that can be accomplished by anyone who is comfortable with various forms of the word “there.” Sure, the client probably can’t design a homepage or ensure it looks decent on mobile—but he or she wrote a white paper and a few blogs last year, so why not take a crack at the site’s content? This sentiment leads professional writers to resent the notion that their trade is a creative skill that most believe they can do reasonably well when, in fact, developing copy for marketing materials goes far beyond a firm grasp of grammar and spelling.

Good copywriters know how to succinctly position your product, service, and/or business to motivate your target audience to take action. They are able to quickly produce highly targeted content informed by in-depth digital marketing strategy that drives conversions and ranks well in search engines.

Not convinced? Let’s really break down the question of: Why Should You Hire a Copywriter?

Content Strategy Realized

We spend a great deal of time researching client offerings, analytics, and the competitive landscape to directly inform the content strategy within every page of the site. We think beyond mere tools and tactics and unite meticulous market research with competitor analysis to create detailed user flows and information architecture, which efficiently drive consumers to designated conversion points.

This is content strategy, and it informs every component of the site’s messaging—but it’s merely strategy. Professional copywriters turn recommendations into reality by working directly with strategists to efficiently deliver and fine-tune targeted messaging. Not to mention, staff copywriters have the added benefit of collaborating with the entire team to ensure the success of a strategy and design throughout the entire project.

More Effective Than You

“You don’t know my business; how can you possibly write about it?” Clients questioning the value of professional copy occasionally utter this phrase or a variation of it. Our response is simple: “That’s actually a huge advantage, and here’s why.”

You’re too close to your business

When clients are caught up in the daily operations of a business, it’s difficult to see the big picture and to focus on the needs and priorities of their website traffic. Many professionals we work with, while experts in their respective fields, are not experts at marketing their services and expertise. As a result, when clients elect to write for themselves, the content is often business focused as opposed to customer focused—leaning into business storytelling rather than customer priorities. An outside pair of eyes and someone who writes marketing rhetoric five days a week can be just what your business needs to communicate your most important customer benefits.

You’re not a copywriter

Even if you are an expert in your field, you’re not a copywriter (writing for trade or academic publications doesn’t count), and that’s just fine. You know your field, you’ve made mistakes, and you’ve learned from them. The same is true for copywriters. They’ve spent years playing with words, sweating over syntax, and generally worrying about arcane rules most people rarely think about. Copywriters are experts at writing targeted web copy that is concise, easy to understand, and optimized for search engines.

Your time is too valuable

Quality writing takes time. In our experience, when clients attempt to write their own copy, it usually takes three to four times longer than if we would have tackled it instead. This delays timelines, and often clients cut their losses at some point and enlist us to edit and finish the copy.

Don’t Risk It

You’re building an expensive, snazzy website; shouldn’t the written content be just as polished as the design and functionality are? Awkward sentences, misplaced commas, and generally clunky writing are serious credibility killers and can really derail your communications. Alternatively, well-structured, concise, customer-focused content conveys authority and receives immediate attention. From headlines to CTAs, quality copy boosts brands, sales, and customer retention.

We’re the Experts

We don’t need to be an expert in your field to write like one. Our process allows us to write effectively about virtually any area of business or industry through conversations, research, in-depth content strategy, and our own experience and expertise—and the message still belongs to you. An experienced copywriter (with the help of a content strategy team) helps you discover and produce your strongest possible marketing message.