LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising is a highly effective platform for b2b digital marketing campaigns. By using Linkedin Ads, your business can place content directly in your audience’s news feed funneling them to your website.

LinkedIn ads leverage the data collected by professionals who fill out their profile, allowing business to target audiences based off of interests, roles, companies they work with, seniority level, and more. LinkedIn can be a cost-effective way to advertise content such as whitepapers, ebooks, webinars, and more.

Basing our decisions on data

Our team starts off each LinkedIn campaign with buyer personas ensuring our message aligns with who we are targeting. Our copywriters and designers work together to create compelling ad copy and graphics attracting your audience’s attention, and our digital strategist works on management and allocation of your budget and ongoing performance optimization.

Keeping your team inform, and our strategy fresh

Because we believe in making decisions based on data, we continue to test the performance of ads and landing pages with a/b tests, heatmaps, and other tracking tools to understand audience behavior.

We share this information with you in weekly, monthly, or quarterly performance reports and ongoing recommendations depending on your needs. Then, we use the information collected to inform future copy, design, and strategy.


Ready to start a project or really curious about our process?

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