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By Melanie Graham


By Melanie Graham - Published

Employee Happiness as a Business Tool [Infographic]

It’s difficult to design an enthralling infographic. It quickly becomes apparent that communicating an idea in a graphical manner that is both visually compelling and capable of relaying a complex message is, well…really hard.

Gravitate’s own Melanie Graham is not intimidated.

Mel routinely absorbs written information and produces brilliant visual representations of the data and message. Basically, she thinks in vectors.

Here is her latest creation.

Employee Happiness as a Business Tool Infographic


10 Comments to “Employee Happiness as a Business Tool [Infographic]”

  1. Jim Gouveia

    Amazing stuff and so important to happiness, well-being, and job performance. Let’s make this required reading for all managers and leadership. Very impressive Melanie!

    • Melanie Graham

      I agree! Clients are always a priority, but leaders need to remember that building a strong, healthy team is the first step to delivering a fantastic client experience. Thank you for your insight.

  2. Jackie Alvarez

    Hi Melanie! It’s great to see your work, which is beautiful and hip and really effective in communicating important information. But I’m also so impressed at how you’re trying to improve the world through your design! Thanks for all the ways you make terrific contributions!

    • Melanie Graham

      Thanks Jackie! Design promotes and markets ideas, so there’s often some amount of social responsibility associated with a designer’s job. I’ll continue to do my part to encourage meaningful designs with positive impact.

  3. Ketan Rana

    Wow its awesome! This infographic is like a mirror. everyone will try to find where they stands in this graphics. and also try to improve. It is simply amazing. Brilliantly demonstrated.

  4. Josephine Djan

    Wow, this is really awesome. Very graphic and informational. If only management and leadership could realize the loss and make an effort to cut those losses. But employees also need to help communicate these through the right channels to the exact locations. Thumbs up for you Melanie!!


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