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    Internet marketing can be a powerful and profitable means in which to convey your message and sell your brand. It differs from traditional marketing mediums such as TV, radio, and print because Internet marketing can be interactive and IN YOUR FACE,  whereas TV, radio, and print are more passive.

    Your audience is online to consume content and learn. However, because many websites have fallen victim to merely presenting content in a fairly passive manner, your business needs to create a way to capture and hold your audience’s attention in the midst of all the content it could be looking at. How do you do this? With interactive content.

    Interactive content allows your team to break your message down into small, digestible chunks, making it easier for your audience to consume. Additionally, interactive content lets you break up the walls of text on your pages with visually engaging information. This benefits your company because users are more likely to engage and consume your content when it is presented in fun and interesting ways.

    Rules to Follow When Making Interactive Content

    Make Sure It Is Attention Grabbing

    There is too much content on the web fighting for your audience’s attention, but that is the nature of the beast and it shouldn’t stop you from creating content, but better content.

    Your content needs to be attention grabbing, causing your audience to stumble on its journey and say, “Oh, what’s this?” and then begin exploring.

    Interactive content can capture your audience’s attention and allow it to click around to explore activating the parts of their brain that enjoy puzzles, problem-solving, and analysis. This takes the audience from being talked to and reluctant to believe to being talked with and open to ideas.

    Make Sure It Holds Your Audience’s Attention

    Grabbing your audience’s attention is great, but all it takes is a louder scream for someone to look away.The human attention span has dropped to around eight seconds. No joke: some researchers in Canada conducted a study and found that since the year 2000, the average attention span of an adult dropped from twelve to eight seconds. That is less than the attention span of goldfish. That means that you’re likely not even reading this post anymore. . .Tweet at me if you are —@blondejoev —after you read the post though. Please?

    Anyways, we digress.

    The content your team creates needs to capture and hold your audience’s attention. This allows time for your audience to build greater trust in your brand and increases the chances of your audience’s clicking on a call-to-action. But capturing and holding your audience’s attention isn’t all your interactive content needs to do

    Make Sure It Is Easy to Interact With

    Or provide directions on how to interact with it. Your website may not be built with enough flexibility to easily create interactive content so sometimes you might need to make do with what you have. That is OK. I’m a firm believer in trying even if the cards are stacked against you, but you need to be smart about it.

    If you feel there is something that may hinder your audience from interacting with your interactive content, provide it with some instructions that are presented in short easy-to-read sentences.

    Any action the users take with your content makes them feel more comfortable with interacting with your brand.

    In Conclusion

    There are many ways to create interactive content, these are just a few ways. Make sure when you create interactive content that you combine it with attention grabbing headlines so the content it holds your audience’s attention and it’s easy to interact with. Taking a look back at some of the interactive content we’ve created (Web Enabled Tree, Movie Edition, Holiday Letter) We can’t wait to create some more.