Describe your perfect sandwich.
Gotta go with a toasted cheese sandwich, but not just any kind, the perfect sandwich has a balance of meats and cheese with a golden brown finish that provides just the right amount of crunch. Sourdough slices with some garlic and herb spread, cheddar and/or provolone cheese, and a couple slices of ham and chicken make for my perfect sandwich.

If you could pick any superpower, what would you choose?
That is a toss up between immortality and spidey senses. Immortality has a lot to offer in terms of life experiences but also has some philosophical drawbacks that should be considered. Spidey sense would be a more practical superpower that could come in handy in day to day life while maintaining a sense of normalcy. If I had to choose one over the other though I think spidey sense would be my goto just for the practicality it could bring.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?
I enjoy exploring new worlds in video games and meeting interesting characters along the way. Jumping in with a group of friends and tackling a challenge together is always a great experience. Outside of the virtual worlds I enjoy going on hikes, taking photographs of nature, and just being in the natural world away from the everyday every once in a while.

You’ve lived in the area for a while. When someone visits, what are your go-to spots?
Vancouver offers great access to a lot of different options for every kind of person. I’ve watched the development of downtown into a Seattle-Portland mashup where the local businesses can expand and grow to wider audiences while remaining true to their roots. The various parks that dot Vancouver are always great places to visit when someone comes to town and you are never too far from the mountains or the ocean.

What is a recent obsession of yours?
Pizza making, while I am just at the start having only made a handful of pizzas so far I am continuously experimenting with new recipes and ways to go about creating a great pizza.

You’re one day into your internship. What do you find the most interesting about digital marketing so far?
The interconnectivity of each part of digital marketing as a whole is fascinating to me. Seeing how research from one approach then leads to adaptations and changes in another area really excites me and I look forward to exploring more in depth in the coming months.

Jedi or Sith?

Gray Jedi, if you believe such a thing could exist, would be where I’d fall. Supporting that which is good and right while being wary of either extreme, it’s all about finding a balance between the two that fits best for the individual.

Any parting quotes, thoughts, or lines of poetry?
“It’s not the Destination, it’s the journey” by Ralph Waldo Emerson has been one of the quotes that has stuck with me over the years and continues to remain relevant to me today.